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Happy Krampus Night

Hope Krampus does not carry to many of you off tonight

Dismal day

yesterday was a pretty dismal day in the studio . seemed like nothing wanted to work good. At least anything I tried guess you are due to have a day like that to remind you of what a good day really is. I hope today and all days that follow go better. Perhaps I should turn it into a tune called dismal day.......now I am thinking.

Working with other folks in the studio

I Have a studio in my back yard (go figure) its a converted Shed barn what ever you would call it. Any how I not only work for myself out there I do stuff with and for other musicians in and around the area this week kind of got to finish up a tune that Brian Bower brought me tracks already put together that had the Bass drums and rhythm guitars already shot we added his vocal's and then I had Jimbo Burkhart come it and do a couple lead tracks over it . Any way I will put the link to it after this . The lyrics and meaning is what are really something if you listen to it a time or two and it does not make you feel some thing you might be dead. I think Brian did a heck of a tribute for his brother that was taken much too soon . We never get no warranties in life and 99 percent of us will be forgotten 15 minutes after we hit the dirt but some folks will get lucky and make a mark on some one who will put them down in song , deed or a story and forever will be shared with all of us. Give it a listen please. https://soundcloud.com/bbower-2/times-1

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Making the Band 2016

Well Making the Band 2016 show is now History all the bands sounded well and performed well. Was a hot day Temp was 100 most of the day its hard on equipment I lost one of the sub amps on the mid size PA rig but we keep it going wiring in a new amp to replace it. Our power conditioners got so hot they shut down so we went with out them. Wow the heat was bad but the show was hot ! Be looking forward to next years show.

Knotsher stuff coming along

The Knotsher project is slowly coming together and sounding better than anything I have ever been a part of. We are taking our time changing our minds and just letting it flow it gets finished when it gets ready. It will be good sounding that much is certain.

coming along all the Tunes for KNOTSHER

got to put in a few more parts on a tune this week that one is almost done. It wound up sounding even better than I first thought it might .Hope we get this project done and out I think folks will like it I know I do but then I am biased a bit .

Thank you Justin

Want to say thank you to Justin Lawson for coming to the studio this morning and running things so I could record myself in the other room.It was some badly needed help just when I need it.

more tracks done

Did some tracks over memorial weekend with Pat adding some Tamborine and Shaker parts to a couple songs. It would have been easy to just done a sample and cut and paste in the parts but this is not what this project is about. It is coming along nicely though slowly. It sounds unlike anything anyone else is doing I believe Hope to have a single off it out soon . Eric has brought 3 tunes to the table that are going to be worked on starting this week they sound drastically different musically from what we have been doing and that is a good thing. Eric writes a bit heavier on most things than I do and it is a nice perspective.He has a very distinct sound that stands out well it will be cool working on them. The new JBL monitors are in after a brief hiccup with one of them and sound great . Well a long winded post have a great day.

I had forgot

I had forgot about this weird little tune I go not even have a copy lol