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Kevin (wags) Kane / Blog

I am not a good blogger

I never keep this up to date Still Playing with Knotsher and writing and recording some. Just got done doing sound for making the band 2015 11 bands over 12 hours of music it was a long day with set up and tear down about a 16 hour day or so...wooo a long one but the kids sounded good it was hot and that afternoon and evening the seasoned bands came on and they Rocked..... I want to thank my Wife and family for helping set this all up and taking the abuse of wasp stings and the heat it is a great program for kids and young adults I wish I had gotten the chance at something like this when I was young. Audust 29th at the Chez When Bike show there will be a good time going on not sure of bands or the line up at this time things are being arranged right now as soon as I know I will put it out.

ah back to playing writing and recording

after being off since January. I got back with Chris and Pat last night. Tightened up some of the old tunes . Pulled an old rabbit out of the hat and even started writing a couple new songs. Will start the push to finish up this C.D. I am happy with our sound. I still would like it to be a 2 guitar thing cause it would make more sense live but then again so would the keyboard parts and horn parts that will be on this too. And who knows maybe we might do a few big production shows with the brass section and keys and an extra guitarist. For right now I am happy with it and the sound and already Pat and Chris is talking about the second C,D, so if I don't get fired...... Oh ya we will be releasing the name of the band pretty soon too and setting up a reverb nation face book and all manner of social media stuff till then..see ya!

constructive practice last night

We played stump the band last night at practice pulling out tunes from 30 years ago maybe more and I was surprised how well it went. Chris and Pat know some tunes!!! We then sat down and went over our originals and then worked on a couple new tunes that are being written they seem to flow good so I hope they will become full tunes this week. I think recording will resume next week have to get up and set up the drum mics and related equipment.

this sunday

well after getting a vacation out of the way (long over due I hear) Sunday its back to work in the red shed.

New band coming along

it seems we have a good thing going now with the group I hope it continues but I expect it will. Just a bunch of good players totally it feels good . Some good different music direction too also every one sings going to have to announce the line up soon making sure it sticks before I go saying to much but I think it will stick and it seems a good fit!!! music its the only thing worth working for..... well....one of the things any how!!!!!!!

Good practice ,,,,a new musician in the group?

Well looks like after last night we might have filled that 4th spot I have been trying to fill. So far a good fit. I will give it a few weeks and then I think if all goes well and the guy has not fired the rest of us We will will make some announcements about this new band, Chris and I have seen a lot of folks wander in and out over the last 3 years but so far this group fits good together and has a different musical lean to it with what I feel is more potential for a better bunch of tunes in the end. Time will tell but I hope it stays just like last night cause it sounds good. With a little hard work it can easily be a great sounding band . Every one who knows me knows what a lazy feller I am and they all know that the only thing I will work for is,,,I will work for music. LOL see you Next week

good practice

had a good practice tonight new guy has jumped right into the swing of things and now sounding like a veteran of the group!!! Guess will will get to laying down new tracks in sept. still looking for that 4th member.

Making the Band

Well off to Making the Band 2014 to get the PA set up at Dickie Doo's Bar b Que. Many young folks have been working hard and deserve their time on the stage performing their tunes, many of the acts later in the night are former students of Justin's who continue with their growing musical careers. Justin has the right idea , and the areas music will be helped by all this for many years to come. I am glad I am allowed to help a bit with providing sound when ever I can for the program. I hope folks take the time to come out and check it out. Many of you older musicians think about what a boost this would have been to your career early on if some one had been doing this when you were young then, you can see then how important and beneficial this program can be. Hope to see you all their and hope I can get it loud!!!!

The work continues

Installed a 40 channel mixer in the Red Shed getting used to it will take a bit . We lost our drummer on this project so it is back to looking and doing (tryouts) Fun Fun. On an up note have a couple more new tunes to lay down no we are working on 2nd cd material and we need to finish this one!!!

Heres the latest on my Health Shit

Well looks like I have had at one time or another a couple or three small heart attacks. However I am getting better every day the band is back rehearsing and laying tracks down in my studio The Red Shed . It seems I have a good Doc working on me now. They went in and took a look at my heart with a cath and it looks pretty good , So I just got to keep on keeping on! Just one of those bumps in the road we all get! I look forward to finishing up this recording settling in with a lead guitarist for my group and perhaps playing a few support shows for the CD. I have some really different sounding stuff on it even some happy tunes...and still some dark ones too! Chis and Chris have had to put up with a lot of missed music to my health I owe them a good CD they can be proud to have been a part of!!!