The Dustin Kramer Experience / Blog

Who are you?

Hi I'm Dustin. I'm the only person that will ever be controlling this site.

I guess I just wanna write a bit about me and my songs etc etc...

Let's start with how I make my music. All my music is made with actual instruments and no loops that my Mac provides me. That's lame. I use the term "Live Studio Recordings" All the instruments are sent to a soundboard. The soundboard mix is then plugged into a PreSonus Firepod, which is how I record. I start by playing a drum beat (yes, on real drums made of wood), which I Loop using a Line 6 DL4 pedal. After that I just run around the studio and Jam. When I'm done, I stop recording, listen to it, clean it up with a tiny bit of editing, and if I feel it's worthy. I will then post it to be heard.

That's it, pretty simple. Music is my life.

Peace and Love Everyone, TDKE