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Shalom & The Superbowl

Shalom everyone! Thats my favorite word by the way. I trust everyone's week is going wonderful. Well at least I sure hope so, but if it's not just let me think it is. So apparently there was a really big football game on TV this past Sunday I mean Madonna was there, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, oh wait... I'm just kidding knew it was the Superbowl! Way to go NY Giants! I am actually a really big football fan and now I'm sad because it's over now until next season. :( But now it's time to focus on Music! I am in the process of making 2012 a very very busy year for me and my band but every minute is worth it. :) So since I blogged last (btw this is #2) my single "Dreams Come true" has become available on iTunes! And other stores to of coarse I just thought I would name the most famous first. Is that name dropping? If it is please forgive me and then go buy it! Oh man was that to demanding? Okay well then while your forgiving me go ahead and add that one in as well. Thanks. :) So I started going to a kick boxing class tonight! I walked in thinking "Yeah I'm young I'm in shape this isn't going to be a problem." Well that was not the case at all. I sit here tonight typing this to you, sore from my head to my toes! So if any of you are contemplating joining a class, please know what your getting yourself into! But in other news, I wrote a new song tonight and it's actually one that I like! So I can't wait to get with the guys and work on it some. :) Well once again I hope you have not suffered from a severe case of boredom as you sit or stand I don't know and read my "blog". I hope you actually find it interesting to read into my life a little bit and see what goes on in the mind of Christa Jordan. So to whoever is reading this, Christa Jordan is going to bed now as a result of exercise (what a concept). Goodnight Friends. :) Shalom, Christa Jordan p.s Wow I just totally referred to myself in 3rd person. Please disregard that.

Hello Sunshine. :)

Hello Sunshine! It's finally good to see you in Alabama. :) This weather has been crazy and not to mention like 70 degrees in January! Their has been tornadoes come through in the past week and ripped up a few different towns (like we haven't had enough of that) and really caused a lot of damage, physical and emotional. But the sunshine is finally out, it's finally starting to get cold so I hope everything is on the track back to normal. :) But I have had some good news this week! I found out that my song is playing 10x's a day on two different stations because people keep calling and requesting it! Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting my music and helping me make this dream come true. :) This is actually my first blog, like ever. I had to write one because I made a DPK (Digital Press Kit) and they need me to do a blog.... okay?? Cause if i'm in the media then I totally want to read your blog to decide if i want anything to do with you or not. Sure we will go with that. Oh yeah! I SO went to the circus last night! Their theme this year was "Dragons", yeah intense right? Well it was! It's always an awesome experience when you get to watch people do all kinds of crazy stuff! So all of you entertainers out there (including myself) you need to step it up. Because until I see a guy doing a handstand on a motorcycle while riding on a tight rope and the girls below are suspended in the air hanging from their necks?! Then the circus is way better. ;) Well I really hope I did not cause you to suffer from a severe case of boredom because all I do is ramble and apparently I'm supposed to make this interesting. But there I go again, rambling away.... I guess I will let you know I'm hungry because I didn't have breakfast so I am going to stop here to go suffice my stomach. Have a blessed weekend everyone & go check out my brand new single "DREAMS COME TRUE"! Shalom, Christa Jordan