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In The Background?

We have a new video and Booking mode has begun. Who are you? I am not a number. I am a free man! We have a 40 song set-list now and counting. We need more contacts. Let us know if you have something in mind... Also recording a couple of new tunes due out by the beginning of the new year. That is all for now.

RB update

We're working on our new video and polishing our set list for the Holidays.

Take 6

Hello Ladies and Gents, We are working-hard re-recording new tracks. Pre-production is done for more than 10 but this is the goal for now. We are on track 6 and not stopping until we get to 10!!! These are some STRONG tunes and we are really happy that we've kept the love going for all these years. We have a good cover-concept and name for the album but artwork is still underway. We hope you are enjoying your holidays throughout this Christmas season and stay safe. Thank you and we will keep you in-the- loop as we get closer to our release date. Peace!

Name Change

Got a suggestion? Let us know :)

Thank the fans, they Rock

To all those that came to Dave's Aqua Lounge Friday night...YOU ROCK! To the most Highest human power...YOU ROCK! Greensville Mayhem was terrific! To be totally honest, we threw this gig together (2 full-band practice sessions) we will be polishing our act for a short bit before getting out again. We really do appreciate those who showed-up. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

Your support is noted. It wouldn't have been a show without YOU.

RB's Gaining Momentum

Alright, we've booked a gig @ Dave's Aqua Lounge on Friday March 9th. We'll be opening the night around 9pm. All the songs from "One" are posted for your listening. We would like to get your input. Please post your comments. Thank you for checking us. RB

Hello Fans and Friends

Hey y'all, We are working on updates and promotion. Soon you will be able to hear our whole CD on the page. We've also been practicing to play live. We'll be most likely hitting a coffeehouse or 2 soon. We are also writing and recording new material.