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Tell us what ya like to hear!!!

Our priority is playing rockin blues that you LOVE to dance to... let us know your faves so we can be ready the next time you come to a show!!!

Kick dem winter Blues to the Curb!!!

Time to get out them new blue suede dancin shoes you got for Christmas...!!! Come see us ASAP..!!

Thanks to the Benton/Franklin County Boys & Girls Club!!!

Yep....!!! Great turn out, great support from the community and businesses of the Tri-Cities... A total of $39,000 was raised, surpassing last years total of $33,500..!!!! Way to go CBRC..!!! (Oh, and we gained a lot of new fans too!!)

BoB New Years Resolution

To get you "Bent on Blues" from our head down to yer shoes...!!!

Holiday Travel Reminder...

If yer gonna go out over the Holidays... please pre-plan accordingly with the weather conditions in mind... BE PREPARED!!! And please drink responsibly, we want ALL our fans to be safe...!!! See ya soon!!! BoB


Myself as well as the rest of the Bent On Blues band want to thank you guys for your showing your support last Friday afternoon at the Regional International Blues Challenge on Clover Island...!! What a surprise to see each of you and your spouses attend...!! We could HEAR ya...!!! That really means a lot and we appreciate your support tremendously...! While we obviously didn't win, we felt honored to be competing with the caliber of bands that truly performed at the level worthy of representing eastern WA in the state finals in August at Snohomish... But most importantly it was something we've been wanting to do for over a year... And we DID IT..!! With the detailed judges critique forthcoming, the feed back from the event organizer, Tony Frederickson WA Blues Soc. V.P. was that we lacked in engaging the crowd (too mechanical) and we used "signalling" at times between the band members... Hey we can live with that!!! And will learn from that... And in fact put that lesson learned to use on Saturday night at Thomas O'Neil Cellars in Richland... Our BEST gig to-date...!! Packed house, and dancing "between" the tables....!!!! What more can you ask? The owners (Tom and Trisha O'Neil) immediately booked us again for the only opening available for the rest of the summer, on July 27th... And we'll be playing outside so we can crank it up this time!!! Thanks again for your support and look forward to seeing you at our next event..!! Regards, Dale, Geoff, Matt, Bill & Trish BoB Band

BoB is Ready when YOU are...!!!

Original and "Rogue House" Blues band here in South East WA, ready to rock your world, taking bookings now for Spring/Summer within 100 miles of Richland and surrounding Columbia Basin.... !!!!

Recomend to us where you would like to hear us perform..!!!

Wineries.... tap houses, taverns...??? Let us know!!!