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Now the real stress begins.

Oh, boy. So, we've got this goal of having a new ep out for you, buy the June 24th Battle for Mayhem Fest. Probably 5 songs of all new material. Our tradition would be to re-record a couple of old ones, but I'm not feeling that. This should be all about the forward movement of this band, and not get stuck on old achievements (as awesome as they were). I'm worried about making a billion dollars... just making something new, and hopefully better. We seriously can't wait to play some of this stuff for you. It's so different, and it has real depth. I just wish we could afford some well known producer! Oh well. The old Fischer-Price tape-recorder will do fine lol!

See you all on June 24th. John

Fear Control
Fear Control  (almost 4 years ago)

Kickstarter? We'd throw in a few bucks. We're lookin to hit the studio this fall and might try that to help out the financial burden.

Bang Blam Theory

So, here's what we're up to... Jamming with another drummer soon. Writing some insanely heavy, and some multi-layered songs. If you know our old stuff, then you know we like people to hum it. No, polymorphic quasi-rhythms. Just badass songs that are easy to remember. Also, if you've seen us recently, you'll notice that we have several singers in the band. This is what we mean about the layers that are coming. Some huge chanting/harmonizing vocals, and more guitar than you can shake a pick at (guitar humor, sorry!).

Death Blood Battle!

We can't wait to play with Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, Battlecross, and Diamon Plate on October 23rd! We working out some kinks, and it's gonna be awesome. If you know us, expect to be surprised... and if you don't know us, bring condoms for your ears. We are going to rape them.

Metal Progress!

Alrighty, people. We are in a contest to play a show with Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, and Battlecross. All you have to do is click the link and then comment with "Trauma Concept". That's it! We appreciate the help, and y'all kick ass! http://m.facebook.com/146669788698909/timeline/story?ut=3&hash=4517207400469604767&wstart=0&wend=1378018799&pagefilter=1&ustart&__user=1246955438

One piece to go!

We've been very lucky to find the right guys for this band. The fact that we are all into so much of the same stuff is amazing!Josh and Ethan are good friends already, and that makes for good chemistry. We just need the right guy for a permanent drummer now. Sci-fi nerds and sword collectors are welcome!

More Bom Bom?

We're happy to see some bass players interested. Gonna keep the fingers crossed, and hopefully be another step closer to a full line up.

More powaaahhh!!!

Can't wait to play some shows! We're learning covers and working on new stuff, right now. Having more guitar harmonies and extra thickness in the rhythm has improved the writing dynamics. We are still pre-recording the bass and drums until we find the right people. If you know someone, let us know!

Shows, New songs, happy times.

Pay attention to what's going on, my friends! We are moving again. We have new music coming together, with a new line-up forming (sloooowly lol!).

Bom Bom Bom

Bass tracks have been completed for the two new songs. Bassist Chip Meeske did a great job. For those that don't remember, Chip was the bassist on our original release "The End Of Denial", back in 2001. Recorded by Adam D. of Killswitch Engage. Now we're just tweaking the tone. Can't wait to finally show it to you people!

French Fries.

I want fries right now. Anyway, I'm jamming very productively with my friend Edgar on drums. He is very enthusiastic, and we have already learned Impressions. We are working on one of the two new songs at this point. Hunter and I were on two different schedules and musical paths. He's a great drummer, and he'll be badass in anything. Edgar is also badass, and he's a great fit for what I write.