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More Than Life

Its funny how one girl can slow down or cease your ambitions you have going for yourself. I cant believe I let it happen to myself and therefor I can only blame myself. Its more than life than just pussy and money. So tell me why Im so caught up with all of that distraction around me. It was you and just only you. You made me do things that i never do. But I gotta get back to doing me. Because Its more than life than you so thats why im not that much confused.

Thats just a small freestyle i turned into a song. I wanted to show my other side on my relationships. From yours truely Yo geeky stay fly kidd Gee Kravitz. Stay tuned on mah page.

Daily Life Of Kravitz

For everyone who dont know meh I'm not ah big smoker but I might become one cuz lately i been blazin hard and creativity been amazing. Bt i wont let that make meh as an artist because I'm better than that so ima smoke occasionally. :)