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Playboy promotes his music

Wats up my ppl. Its ya man Playboy. Jst stopping by dropping a words on ya. Tomorrow nite it goes down@ Limes Billiards on Lane Ave. "Rap The Bells" hosted by Bread D King. Catch me performing live on stage. In what may be my final show of 2012, Ya'll come out and show ya boy sum love.... Now, as I speak, Im @ tha computer promoting my songs on facebook. Everyone who hasn't listened to a Playboy track, take da time & listen to one or sum of em. I guarantee you want lose if choose when u f*ckn wit me, lol. Naw seriously tho, I just wanna take this time out & say thank you to each & every one of my fans & supporters. If it wasn't for ya'll and the motivation I receive from u, I couldn't have had as much of a successful year as I had. To DJ Spin and the whole Spincitye family, I appreciate the love shown @ every show I rocked wit ya. SUPER LEAK TUESDAYS!!!! Aye!!!!!!! Nuff said. Nothing but love on dis end. Young Swain & Tonya Love of YS Media and Real Talk TV, much appreciation for giving me my shine time like you all and myself know I deserve. Lmao. Tonya, dat was for you, since you think I should be a comedian. The whole Flock INC: Fresh G, Its our year lil bro. Lets fly high on 'em. Woody, nephew, u know u got ya wings. Dont ruffle ya feathers for these niggas. E Gutta, Welcome back home, nigga. My Cutthroat County family: Zodiack Freak, boy u keep me on my shit & wit a fire azz beat. Wonka Man, "U Already Know What It Is", keep on blessing my tracks & lets keep making these hits. Tizzie T, U ready lil dawg??? U got next.Last, but not least, my Pyrex Kingz Muzik family; 2012, we showed these niggas "How 2 Get A Buzz." 2013, we gone show em how to get a deal. Fishscale Phill, lil bro, u know how it go between me & u. I fux witcha da loooong way. Thuggin in da hood & ducking shootouts as teens to going on da road doing shows and movie roles on da big screen. We been here, I just aint know it.Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me that you Can't Stop Progress. D.O.A.( Dope On Arrival) Lmao! We made it P.M. Walt Dogg, boy, I salute you, not just for ya grind, but for the indidual u are. It takes a real nigga to see and acknowledge another niggas talent without discretion or negative ill will, and be like u on da team and we in dis together. For that, you'll forever have my respect and loyalty. And even though a nigga tried to take you from the team, you still here wit us. Talking shit and getting money, as usual. Trapsquad Suave, The Producer, I see ya. Lets get at dis music and get dis money. Its our time. JWill, U know wat time it is, lil bro. "28 nigga,in a 8 jar!" Lets go!!! S/o to Bread D King for putting me on ya venues. much respect, big homie. Two Tone & the whole 1617 Productions: Ya'll know we gets it in when I touchdown in da studio. Two Tone, we keep dat fire pumping. They don't have a clue what we got in store for 'em in 2013. They gon want a mixtape from us when they hear that work. S/o to Traves'ty & Pat Coop, We all we got bros. AZ til I die. Anybody I forgot, my bad, I tried to remember everyone@ the time but yall know how it go. RIP Daddy & Lil Bill. Til next time, Ya'll be safe and Happy Holidays.....ImOut*Playboy*PYREXKINGZMUZIK#Mr.HollaWhnUCMe

Can't Stop Progress Mixtape

It's ya man in da flesh, Playboy, Duval's Homegrown Champ, live and direct from da 'Ville. Checking in on my people. Yall keep ok n da lookout for da mixtape, coming soon. Pyrex Kingz Muzik, baby!