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replaced laptop at last

let the writing begin again..... I have finally been able to replace my laptop... and the online presence returns in a bigger way again!

new album?

Thinking about recording another album... open to fresh new projects, perhaps new musicians and original songs..... contact me if you are interested in some respect

Adventures with Gypsy Mermaid

After traveling across North America since Sept 2009.. I am now writing a book to tell all the amazing stories of my adventures. I am looking to put a little film together with the masses of footage that I took as well! If you are in some of the footage, but do NOT want to be in the film please contact me.. The majority of the footage is already on Facebook, and has been for some time. Can't wait to get back on the road and start Part 2! Peace and love my friends... Oh and yes I just recorded my first cd 'A little Giggle' there are some samples up here on revernation.. and yes you can purchase the songs individually.. or ring tones!