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Listen to our new album!

Listen to our new LP, "Freneza", clicking here: http://peepall.bandcamp.com/album/freneza

Participate on our new album! :)

Hi everyone!

We're finishing our upcoming new album, and we'd be very glad if you participate on it through our crowdfunding project. We'll give you lots of awesome gifts (CDs, acknowledgements in the CD booklet, rare material, tickets, T-Shirts, merchandising, and a many more!). You can help us here:


Thanks a lot and receive a huge kiss on the forehead! :))

Exclusive free new song for you!

Surprise! We have a gift for you: a new Peepall's song! It's called "Cozy Chest", and it's an advance of what our new album will be, which will be released in late March/early April. To download the song, please click on the following link:


It will be heavily modified, but this way you can get an idea. If you like it and you want to participate in the creation of our forthcoming album, and want to keep receiving new songs exclusively, visit the following link:


There you'll be able to participate in our "crowdfunding" project: you pay the amount of money you want to help us develop our new record. Mastering, duplication of physical copies, design of the artwork… that's so much money, but with your help it's possible to reach our aim. In exchange, you'll get lots of yummy rewards (signed CDs, acknowledgements in the booklet, t-shirts, tickets for concerts, extras, rarities, private gigs…), besides some "provisional" beforehand songs, like the one we are giving you this time.

Thank you so much and get a huge kiss on the forehead!

Our first music video

Finally, our first music video. Hope you like it! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-F644fL99Q

Become a Peepall's fan on Facebook!

How is it going, you musical creature? We will be very glad if you become a Peepall fan on Facebook. We need YOU to make our music reach many more people all over the world: http://www.facebook.com/peepall.music.band

Thank you very much and receive strong kisses on the forehead!

Peepall to the people

Hello, everyone! We are Peepall, your new favourite band (are we too optimistic...?). We hope you find many interesting features in this app. For more information, please visit www.peepallmusic.com