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New Jams to come

What up everyone, been a few days since we last spoke about AofV news, so were just gonna brush up some things. The show that was supposed to take place this passed weekend on Saturday at the Spark Plug Pool Hall in Edinburg was cancelled and really bummed us out, as I'm sure it did to the other bands, but f* it , that's how these things go. The time off actually gave us a chance to all catch up on other stuff like saving cash (not wasting doh' on gas or beers), finishing homework, or catching up on some much needed rest. We've been able to get in contact with someone locally that can record our songs hopefully at a much clearer sound than what we've gotten so far, all we need is to set a meeting up with him. This gets us excited because we find sound clarity essential to us because as fans of other bands, we'd want and expect the best sounding recordings as possible. Once this is done, and all is right, it'd be our jumping stone to releasing Abattoir of Vigilants first EP!!! No doubt, it'd be a goal for us as a band to see it get done. On another note, AofV is now pretty much viral everywhere, you can find us on Reverbnation, FACEBOOK, Myspace, YouTube, and now Google+ . Starting today, the band is preparing new songs for everyone to bang their heads to, and add to our setlist to give us what we need to become headliners on a regular. We'd still need the support of our family, friends, and fans to make this happen, so stop by our FB and help "Like" us to get noticed by bigger production companies, we'd love to do shows in San Antonio and Austin, another goal for AofV. Well that's a little bit of news and time that we just stole from you, but whatever, dont worry about it, were not worried about it....you shouldn't worry about it. PEACE!

AofV News

What up friends and fans of AofV, this is our first blog entry so be gentle and lets see how this goes.....The band had a pretty productive practice last night, even though it took some "light" encouragement to get INTO work mode, nevertheless, the guys and I were able to hone in and jumped right into the set list. If you haven't checked us out by now (or recently if your a bad ass), all three of us are doing vocals now, so our practices consist of all of us playing, while singing our doing backup vocals. We hadn't the slightest intentions on doing this, but after nearly a year of auditioning singers who were either on another level then we were, or people that just didn't work out, we took it upon ourselves to put the work in and step our game up. I guess it's true what they say ,"If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself." So now the three of us have encorporated vocal practices and warm ups to all of our jam sessions, getting our Adele on working the chords and GEE-YAH's. On another note, AofV is in the process of releasing more songs to our social media sites pretty soon. However, the band is interested in getting some legit recordings down that cost money, and like everyone else who wishes money grows on trees, we are barely getting by with what we've got for now in this crap ass time of a recession. ($3.29 for a bag of Cheetos!!?!). The times will not keep us down though as the band and I have lots of plans and projects ready for the year, and intend on reaching out more to the fans w/ AofV MERCH!! So keep your eyes and ears peeled for further news and stop by our FACEBOOK, Reverbnation, YouTube, or Myspace to listen to tracks and check some pics of the band out. You stay good friends, "..Check ya L8Ter."