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Story behind the songs

I'm one of those nerds who enjoys knowing the story behind songs, almost every great song has a story behind it. Not that my songs are all that great but ....I digress. Anyway, heres the why behind some of my tunes...

Eve of Destruction cover....pretty much done to post on a friends website, he used to sing that song ( very off key) thru our teamspeak server while we played Operation Flashpoint.....recorded just to post on his FB, really came out good so I kept it.

Belleza de España: First tune I recorded for the Guitar buffet project, I had that lil melody dancing around in my head for a long time, I had just had surgery on my left hand, couldnt play or even hold a guitar, after almost a year of physical therapy I got to where I could play little bits and eventually worked back up to playing strength, dont and wont ever have my true range of motion back but I get along ok.

Dance of the Monkey & The Dude: little diddy I wrote while sitting out in the back yard, kids were playing and I was on the deck noodling on the guitar and out it came. My daughter is a lil Monkey and my son IS the Dude, hence the name.

Every Little Thing: We have all dated or been in that relationship where by the end of it you just couldnt stand the sight of your partner, wanted to just spit in their face and rip their throat out....enuff said.

Cardinal Swing: Written for the 4th graders at the school I work in, they did a jazz/blues revue for their fall concert and needed a swing style tune to dance too, so I wrote, recorded it and off they went. I also recorded two blues tunes for that show, they really got into blues and jazz, great to watch em take to a new genre of music.

Dizzy Daves Surf Safari: For my dad, he gave me my first guitar, was always playing oldies, the ventures, beach boys, dick dale, roy orbison elvis etc....

Thats about it, the others can wait for another time....

Getting set up

Howdy, Hello and Sup bitches.

I'm still getting all this set up, getting songs up'd etc etc...Enjoy whats up already, more to come. A brief explanation of why some songs are metal, some are blues, some are classical etc....I work on two projects, all my metal tunes will be released under the band name Caustic Vision, album entitled Poison my eyes....non metal songs get released under the Guitar Buffet name, the first Guitar Buffet CD was released in November, was well received by everyone who got it. Guitar Buffet II: Back for Seconds is in the writing stage right now, also have a few things recorded, most of my effort is on Caustic Vision right now....the 3rd track " Set Me Free" will be released soon, my new bass is held up in shipping due to weather out west, once it arrives I can add the bass track mix and get it out! stick around...more to hear!