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wise words

some one close to me said something "simple" but has impact..."you gotta work with what ya got"...sounds right..I .,like it peace out music family

sayin goodbye

...as summer comes to a close..and we say goodbye...welcoming fall..I want to thank everyone for listening and sharing our music...love and respect to all


more and more sunshine...spring is definitely here, and summer will soon be here :)


wishing all my friends a very Happy New Year 2013

a thought

..to conquer others is to have power...to conquer yourself is to know the way...(anon)

Christmas time is here again

Merry Christmas, and thank you to those that have visited New Aging Sons. We would truly appreciate any support for our music. You can also find us at www.myspace.com/newagingsons and www.myspace.com/agingsons