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Very positive feedback

hey! we have been getting a ton of messages with very positive feedback. I just want to thank everybody. I'm a one man army on the social media as of now.. so its a big job to thank everyone individually. Thanks!


Hey Guys! We made a video for our song "your love." In this video we see a young man, doing what young men do, living and loving. His life is cut short over blind hatred and ignorance. A void is left in the hearts of his friends, family and a nation. Every person on this Earth has loved ones, killing one effects many. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE, so leave it to GOD.


New Song CHEATING (Feat. SWAG on HD)! Give it a listen or 50.


New shows for Shaghie! Feat. Swag On HD. Check it out!

Songs For Sale

Hello! We now have a few songs for sale in our Reverbnation Store. If you purchase the songs you will receive a discount on the completed album with full artwork and information. Please support Shaghie!


Getting started

Shaghie! is just getting started. There will be many updates in the days and weeks to come. Please check back often, and listen to our new song "take off"