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Marching Onward 2012 end of the world

Cool.... Winter.... Bro!!

I think old man winter has gone into hibernation. As we near the end of winter and the resurrection of botanical life and high human spirit, we welcome you to share our enthusiasm and company with what is on the horizon. Coming up in March, we start out the month with a show at the Wadsworth Athenium on the 1st. The exhibit is called Guns and Roses and features:

Free tasting from Manchester Moonshine Civil War cooking demonstration Bluegrass music from The String Fingers Band Meet Abraham Lincoln (aka Howard Wright) and hear a reading of Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley Art Activity: Create your own version of our Parlor Memorial using a frame and shells! Docent-guided tours of Colts & Quilts: The Civil War Remembered and War Prizes: The Cultural Legacy of Slavery & the Civil War

Film at 8 pm: The Conspirator

Go to www.thewadsworth.org for more information

The following day on the 2nd, we will be at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport. It is a special event that features John Torres and The String Fingers Band together. Everyone knows where the acoustic cafe is, and if not get-a-googling.

Then... wait for it.......

We will be at the Super Popular, Irish, Country Western, take your clothes off, Brennan's Sheeban on the 10th, also in Bridgeport... Visit www.stringfingers.com for directions.

Now I won't make you wait for this one, even though I just did, but... On the 18th of March the String Fingers will be opening for one of our heroes, Darrell Scott!!! The location is in Easton Ct. If you would like to go (which would be a good idea) make sure you go to www.stringfingers.com/shows.htm and follow the instructions for tickets.

but... it doesn't end there.... let's talk about the next day.... On the 19th, yes it's a Monday, we will have the pleasure to open for another one of our heroes, Bill Frisell, and he will be playing with a great artist Sam Amidon. !!! We have all been fans of Frisell for many years, and now that we've discovered Sam through this booking, we are instant fans of him as well. This show is located in Newtown Ct. at the Edmond Town Hall right by the Flag Pole. The most recognized landmark in CT. Ha! probably because it is a giant flagpole in the middle of the road.

The Fun continues on the 23rd... when we finally make it up to the Outer Space, with Patrick Corman and the Lo-Fi Angels on the bill. Location is Hamden Ct. Once again, the website will direct you to more information.

So, with a busy March comes a busy year, the new songs for the new album are popping up like Daffodils in February during a 2012 winter.

We look forward to seeing you out there, and we always ask the question, Are you really the Angel that you Think you are?


String Fingers Band 2011 The New News

Hi From us all

and a good old fashion WELCOME,

It has been a fun, busy shifting time since our last Note and there is much to share. We have been building ground in every direction, supplying harmony in every ear, taking note of where we belong, and doing it with Green Energy all along. We have seen people come and people go, faces fade and reappear, hands with the world encompassed, simply now less stressed, more blessed.

In short, If you've been waiting for something to happen, THIS IS IT !

We have been playing at a Tap Room in Newtown CT. for 2 years. MY Place restaurant. We play every 1st and 3rd Thursday night and the crowd is always a pleasure. It feels good to become a regular band at a venue that has a great reputation and to be considered part of the success!

We developed a strong attachment to the music appreciation lovers and general natural greatness with/of the state of Vermont. In fact, we'll be leaving in two days to venture into Burlington and put our foot in the door of Nectars! I can honestly say I have never dealt with a more polite booking crew and street club team up there. They know what they are doing! This summer we will be playing the Burlington Jazz Festival and the Valley Stage Music Festival . Please visit our website for more information.

There is a tremendous beer festival in Hartford that we will be playing this summer. Most of our fans can handle a good craft beer. Can you?

David Kaye has been consistently adding more and more layers to the sound of the String Fingers Band. Luckily he came on board as we were making our latest album, "Don't Forget". Needless to say, we had to get him on all of the tracks! Offering well played banjo, pedal steel and dobro guitar. If you haven't seen the band with David Kaye yet. You would like to. You will see why we are sailing along now...

"Don't Forget" is the stepping stone in a series of a stone walkway that leads beyond where the eye can see. The album is very cared for, in the sense that we spent more time working on it then it takes to raise a child. Well maybe not that much, but you see the point. There is no way for us to describe the album perfectly and we would rather the fans, critics and bums classify it's power. So that is another reason for you to visit our website.

It's time to get, not just the word out there, but every song with meaningful messages written by Dan Tressler and Dan Carlucci accompanied by David Kaye, Ryan McAdams, Rob Bonaccorso, Sally Connolly, Damien Connolly, Steve DeTroy, Jesse Burdick, Chris Berry, Meghan McCann, Chelsea Smith, Case Sanderlin and Sarah Michael Novia!

With constant pursuit comes constant hurdle!

Thank you,

The String Fingers Band


Keep in touch and Reciprocate

Hey Everyone

It's getting close to the end of the year and we would like to thank everyone for the support they've given during our first year as a 'band'. Please try to come out to the NOV 1st, bear and grill show this weekend. We have some new music featuring our 'function of the electric junction' show. Tell your friends that our music is online at itunes and amazon etc. We are currently saving up some money for our next 'whole band' album and we need more to add to the pot.

Please be sure to visit our new youtube video. You can find it by typing in string fingers and project charlie. It is a song that Dan Carlucci wrote and it was filmed in the easton barn with the string fingers band.

We are working on putting together more shows with some of our favorite local musicians. We will keep you posted, but don't forget to check in soon.

the sfb