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A Few Words about Few and Far Between

Disclaimer: I gotta say that this is the best example of what i can bring to a band that i have released to the public thus far. Yes, to the trained ear there are some very obvious F**k ups. But i gotta tell ya, it aint easy being the artist and the audio engineer, capice? This would sound FAAAAARRRR better than it does if my equipment didn't bite Elephant boner. With all of that said hopefully this will make you bob yer head and think, which is all i really hope for. Appeal to the public: If you know of anyone, anywhere that wants to make their living by making this kind of music (Singer/Frontman, Bassist, Drummer, Keyboard Player & etc.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Send me a message or forward the www.reverbnation.com/EpiZootic link to them ASAP! Thank you for your time and of course, your support!

Song Plays? Let's pump 'em the F up kids!

Hey y'all just wanted to thank you for friending/liking my page on here as well as Facebook and Myspace! I really do appreciate it!

But this site is more than just networking for me, it's about creativity and getting my noises into yer head!

All of the pages that i have "Liked" or "Friended" has been because i genuinely liked the music and i try to make it point to listen to it often...you know, cuz it's enjoyable!

So if y'all could be my super-best-friends and just pump up the play meter on here i would be truly grateful! I mean, i've got 8 tracks loaded up here, surely there's got to be something that you'll like listening to more than once!

Thanks again and remember "Keep music alive because it's what's keepin' you alive!"

-Z- OUT!