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New Song & New Video Coming Soon!!

We have been much busier than we thought and we are grateful for it. Your support means so much to us! Without all of you fams there would be no DeJaVoux! We are pleased to announce the next single and video will be here by winter. Stay tuned... and if you haven't already go on and experience dejavoux! Get the album DeJaWho? it is worth it. Cheryl & Crystal DeJaVoux


DeJaWho? is finally here and we are very excited about this album! If you haven't already, go get your copy NOW!!!! Available on any digital platform and hardcopies are available on Amazon.com!

Fantasize - New Single!!!!!!

Our new single Fantasize will be dropping on March 31, 2013! To hear it before then tune into the Sandra Wilson Celebrity Talk Show on March 22nd. Follow and like us on FB to find out the time and link!

Thank you again for your support, The Ladies of DeJaVoux


ATTN PRODUCERS!!! We are looking for tracks/songs to finish our album! Send snippets for consideration to dejavoux@temusic.net! The project is almost done and we want to have a nice mix of producers before we make the final cut! If you would like to hear what we have been working on thus far email us as well. Thank you

Thank You!!!!!!

The last post we talked about how we were meeting with different directors and producers to get the video done. Today I am pleased to say that after all of the hard work of the team that was assembled to bring a visual to the song, and after three weeks of being up on youtube, we have reached over 29,000 views because of your support! And for that we are grateul, and humbled by the love and support we have been receiving since the single came out in March. Stay tuned for 2013 because we have a lot more in store!! The Ladies of DeJaVoux

Shooting the Video

We have now begun talks with various directors and producers looking for the right video concept for the song. We have heard many great ideas but ultimately will select the person who can create the visual meaning to the song. Looking to narrow it down this month and make a decision. Listen to the song right here on reverbnation.com/dejavoux and if you have an idea for the video send us your thoughts to dejavoux@temusic.net! XOXO The Ladies of DeJaVoux

Alright, Alright!!

We finally did it! After many years of ups and downs in this business we finally released our first single Alright Alright produced by Dennis Dgatez McCalla from Critical Sounds Productions. The single is available on Itunes so get your copy now!!!