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New Album Upcoming for Summer/Fall 2016

I've been writing (and re-writing) new material in 2016 and have also been revitalizing and tweaking some unreleased material from other projects. Some basic tracks have been laid down and I'm moving forward. Thanks for all of your support. I'll have some snippets of content to put up over the next several weeks. Mahalo, Mike

Mussel Shoal

I just watched the documentary Muscle Shoals, and this is what came out. I'm not really a slide player, but I felt compelled to step outside of my comfort zone. There is an extended version with vocals in the making now that I have access to a proper studio. Enjoy - MM


Here's a new song I added that I wrote for my wife.

Finally in Seattle

I just got to Seattle on Tuesday and am just looking for a place to hang my hat. I'll be staying with my Hawaiian friend Noeau for a few days and am sure I'll be playing in open G. Still a bit bit worn from the trip and the apartment hunting, but am looking for some open mic nights. Aloha Oe Hawaii