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Yeah, back!

Winter vacation is over, let's jam!

Monterey Court

Supposedly, Monterrey is spelled with one r in Mexico, 2 rs in California. Thought you'd like to know.

Vegas download

Download Vegas, it's good, and it's free. It'll get you to Vegas without the long drive. Written by Tom Prevatt and Tim Daldrup, with some sonic slide playing courtesy of Barefoot Bob Collier!!!

Greenhouse Jam

Greenhouse jam yesterday with Dave, Bob, Skip, and Tim. Good times. Steve K came by with a great fresco to show off.

Vegas free download

Hey, you can download the special Valentine's version of Vegas - it's free.

Happy Holidays

Mustang Corners really appreciates all the people that listen to our songs. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a great holiday!


A wet cool day in Tucson. We'll see if that affects the show at Create. We rehearsed last night in the greenhouse, so we know a few songs. Merry Christmas!

the Corners at Create VERY SOON!

We have a gig coming up, 2nd Friday of the month at Create Cafe. Just a reminder, mainly for George...whoa, what day is it???? Been hearin lots of holiday music everywhere. Proly not at our Corners gig, though, we'll stick with tragedy, little bit a mayhem and some deep down true love type stuff.


Happy Thanksgiving! Relax and have fun and be nice to everyone. Eat and drink all you want.

Create Cafe tonight

We'll be playing from 6 to 8 pm at Create Cafe this evening. Come on by for some tasty food, music and drink!