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this week

playing at Borderlands Saturday. Should be good. Good chance of rain. Funny, that rain gets more people out I think. Even if it doesn't get folks out, it's still very cool. Come on rain!

Borderlands Party

Great crowd at Borderlands last night. Lots of whoopin and whistlin and dancin, thanks everybody for the good time!

Fun at Borderlands

Always a great time at Borderlands Brewing Company. Last night was hopping . Lots of old friends and lots of new ones too! Thank you all for being there!


Just uploaded La Gordita. For free download too. So we've recently put up Black Mamba and Curveball too. I think more to come....

What the heck

what the heck's goin on? Well, we're kinda watchin football a bit, and writing and learning some new songs. And we're back at Borderlands on the First of February. We'll try a couple of those new songs then...oh, hope it goes well....they sound so good in my head....but how will they sound with the train comin in? I think pretty good, worth a listen. But that's just me. Come on out, see for yourself. Next Saturday, Feb 1, 6 to 8 at Borderlands!!! Life is good! Dang, Fang, and WuTang Stang

new year

New year is here, oughta be good. Putting some new songs on our playlist. Curveball went up a couple days ago. Probably put La Gordita or Black Mamba up soon too.


Christmas came and went pretty quick. Gig tomorrow at Monterey Court. Good to be going back there. They have a good pa. And what a patio!


Finishing up some songs. Put Christmas Buzz on RN first. Hey, it's Christmas! Free Download! And more to come.....


Mixing, remixing, rerecording, mixing, remixing, remixing. I'm dizzy and my ears hurt. Tim


doing some recording tonight, hopefully post some new tracks soon....