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A new song is born!!!

"Evening Then Morning is now up for your enjoyment at long last!

A new song is born!!!

A new song is Born! "Colors" will soon appear as soon as I am done mastering it!!! I'm soooo excited! I sing in this one!

At Long Last!!!

A new song is born!!! It's called Next Stop as I got the inspiration for this while riding the train.


It's been a while...but...

Finally!!! I have time to record again...I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen in such a while...well...here I go...

I'm loving this...

Music is such a part of me. I'm so happy that I can share my music with the world. The responses I have been getting have been enormously encouraging! There will be more songs coming over the horizon!

Thanks again everybody!!

Hello World!

I feel like a small fish in a big pond