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"Roses Of Grace"

My love gave me a fresh scented white rose. It smiled tenderly with its natural purity... I held it to my heart and thought of bliss.

My love gave me a bountiful pink rose... It made me warm with a deep appreciation; I, joyfully, kept caressing it heartily!

My love gave me a red rose that woke up My inner woman, and my heart beat faster, As my soul danced to its blissed beats' cadence.

My love gave me a wonderful green rose... Its petals suffused scent of love and grace. "For us" he said to me, "prosperity and love!"

I took him in my arms, my garden flowed With green roses's petals scented with his love; And I dove through his ocean of desires, Lock-kissing his lips sigh of passion's fire!

© Carol Phelan Aebby, All rights

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