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Empty playlist!

My playlist is empty...because my new album is coming online very soon. I've been mixing my tracks for months now and the end is in sight.

I am extremely pleased by the result and it will be a joyful day whenever I can upload a few songs from the new release.

Learning "music"

I've been doing tons of composing, recording, mixing and mastering for my album and even if it's taken me thousand of hours of work (and some frustration, I must admit) I still love how everything is coming together. I feel my release getting closer and closer and honestly can't wait to get my album out there.

I've learned a ton of stuff. I'm almost eager to start writing for my next album....

Come forth and like me!

In this day and age bands are measured through how well they do on social networking sites. That's why I would ask everyone to go to my facebook and like me when you thinks my music is fun to listen to! It's also the place to go, to get new songs whenever they are released!

Thanks in advance


Recording, Recording, Recording...

About Bread has started recording on more and more songs to complete and release an album.

Stay tuned and check me out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AboutBread