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having a good time

We have been playing all over the place! Its been fun.The recordings were great and so were the pictures.We played Bluesville BBQ and The Hard Rock Cafe in the same week!We have almost 20 gigs this month.

Thanks Everyone!!

We are climbing on the charts and will soon be able to play in a town near you!!

Hey everybody!

I added a sample of some other music that we play.The show last night was great.We had a really good time.We played from 10pm untill 3am.Thats how it should be.Why drive so far to only play for an hour.Now we are looking for a place that will let us play from 8pm to 4 am that has large crowds.


Thanks to everyone for their support.It is great to hear from everybody and its cool hearing all of your music.I finally got the time to check everything out and try to link stuff up and respond to folks.Our goal is to open up a studio and juke joint in Mississippi that specializes in bad ass live jams,recordings,and broadcasts.We got a lot of great people watching us.All we got to do is get out and play a lot and be positive and good stuff will happen.We had a blast playing the other night at the Martini Spot in Hattiesburg.We even had a slide trombone player sit in with us and he hit every note just right.it was fun.definitely going to record with that guy one day.We had J Jones and Sour Deisel,Deluded Mind and Mississippi Blues Connection there performing.

cool new guitars acquired

Lucked up on two Stratocasters and a vintage Harmony twelve string.the 12 string is a blues monster and so are the Fender guitars.They are sounding really good.Got the finetuning,pickups,and everything else up to spec.

Check us out at the Tavern in Hattiesburg

We will be at the Tavern in Hattiesburg and we will also be playing acoustic sets at Bluesville BBQ.Follow us to the stars on Twitter @Thefenderblues

Gigs in June

Grill and Grocery in Downtown Hattiesburg June 2nd-Bleached Buddha-thefenderbluesking-Josh Jones and Sour Deisel-We will have part of the Mississippi Blues Connection there! We will be at MacGregors in Hattiesburg the following weekend. We will be at the Julep Room in Ocean Springs,MS June 21st We will be at the Tavern in Hattiesburg on the 28th of June.Thanks everybody and have a fun summer! We will soon have an update on some of our other gigs this month.Grill and Grocery on the 14th.Julep on the 21 and The Martini Lounge on the 23.