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REDTAPE coming in a week

REDTAPE coming in a week

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BLUETAPE CHANNELS coming in a week

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1st and 15th

I need a new project so I keep myself working and growing artistically. So starting today Its the "1st and 15th project". this is for me to push myself to create new songs. My personal schedule has been busy to the point of me not being able to create as much as I want to. So setting these goals is the way I challenge myself to be active creatively. I will post atleast 2 songs every 2 weeks. I feel the only way I can find growth artistically and improvement technically is to work. you cant score points, unless you shoot ball, right?


as my page rejects my pencil, I realize I should've smoked so much N dough, just be superfly, I was born for this tango, I be so tight that I get myself tangled.


This mix tape was created in 2007, during the year I spent in Arizona. We createdsongs for 5+ years. Learning how to create developing a sound. I then, due to changing in my personal life decide to move with a girlfriend to Arizona. During that time of being away. The sound we created started to bend a little. My brother was still in Minnesota working. I was exploring , and trying new things musically in Arizona. The Arizona Mixtape is the genesis of the sound we bring you now. These are the songs I'd listen to in a car with no AC. I had nothing cool coming from my vents, so I had to have something cool coming through the speakers. This is my development. Honest, Emotional. Daydream, Flawed, Airway.

the mailing list videos" coming soon

the mailing list videos"