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We had an incredible show in Tokyo! ...so much fun. Right before we went on, Michael and I went for a walk around on the streets outside. That place makes Vegas look like a family fun center. I think I know why there is an energy crisis in California....cause Tokyo is using all of our power. Not sure what part of Tokyo we were in, but there was a lot of foot traffic on narrow streets with walls of neon lights on both sides. It was breath-taking. I totally regret not taking a pic of it. Everyone seemed to be walking quickly and we felt like we were in the way at times. We stopped at McDonalds for a shrimp burger, then went back to the venue and did the show. Nothing feels better than traveling to the other side of the world to be welcomed by a house packed full of people who are excited to hear you play. Our sound guy (Hiroto) was amazing, the people at Club Holiday who brought us over were great and took good care of us, and our Japanese fans who came out were crazy -just how we like em. -tim

Police chase in Osaka, Japan

We were being transported by our sound guy from our rehearsal space to our motel here in Osaka last night, when a car skidded past us as we were rounding a corner -missing us by inches. At first I thought, "crazy driver", but as we watched, the car continued to skid around other cars, jumped a divider, fish-tailed around a bit, then went off the road and crashed into a pole/storefront. As we passed, the driver jumped out and started running as sirens approached.

For the record, Osaka is actually a pretty cool place though, and that was the first sign of crime I have seen here. And when we got back to the motel, as if Osaka was trying to redeem itself, Jagger was approached by a hooker. ...at least we think he was. Language barrier made it a little tough to know what was going on, but it made for a few laughs if nothing more.

Tonight we play Osaka, then hop in a van to go to Tokyo for our show there tomorrow night. Then we have some vacation time. Looking forward to it -think we might hit up Mt. Fuji or something.

Overall, we're enjoying our time here in Japan so far. I personally haven't yet kicked the jet lag, but the food's great, the people are very friendly, and the toilets clean your butt for you!

-check back later.


Melodic.net Review

"Los Angeles based Opus Dai is one of the biggest mysteries in music business why they haven't come as far as, let's say - System of a Down. They're great songwriters plus we're dealing with pro-musicianship here and the band stands for a unique sound too, a rare thing to come by these days. I have listened to this EP almost the whole week and it still excites me just as much as it did the first time I heard it, let Nasa bring out a rocket and then use Opus Dai's new EP as rocket fuel and I bet you will touch the sun! The EP contains 5 tracks, rich of nuance and like a painting also very colorful music that will make you think of all seasons. It's progressive and alternative but most important, super melodic. It's been 3 years since their last album "Tierra tragame" in 2006 but the wait is all worth it, by the way - how often do you get to hear a band that can match Depswa and Muse at their home arena?!" -Melodic.net See the actual review at Melodic.net: http://www.melodic.net/latestReviews.asp

2008 Tour + More

Hey everyone! we are please to announce that we will be testing out some new songs on a string of tour dates with our good friends Fair to Midland this summer! We are also please to announce that Bassist Murv Douglas will be joining us for the tour. Its been a long time since we've been on the road and we can't wait to get back out and play some new songs for you. See you all real soon! and stay tuned for more surprises :) ~Jagger

The Rebirth of Opus Dai

NEW LINE UP - SPRING 08 Current mood: excited Category: Music

Hello everyone Hope you all are enjoying these early days of spring. Around this time last year, we were on the road (as we were for much of last year) But lately, Its been quiet around here and im sure many of you have heard rumors of sorts or at one point wondered what we are up to... so i thought it was time to set things straight with a long, overdue update. Some of you have undoubtedly heard by now, that we are no longer working with our long time singer and good friend Chris Paul. He was a long time band member, performing in the various incarnations of what most of you now know as Opus Däi. He is an amazing artist, performer, vocalist and friend and we wish him all the best in whatever direction he is headed. Similarly, we have also parted ways with former bassist Ryan Collier, and also wish him all the success in all his endeavors.

So, "what next" you may ask? Well, despite the apparent setbacks, we have managed to continue forward and im eager to share with you a new set of songs AND a new singer! Its my pleasure to introduce Tim Neighbors as the new voice of Opus Dai, bringing with him a much needed breath of fresh air that im sure will translate into the material. Also playing bass for the time being is Merlyn Kelly, a long time friend and amazing musician. As you can imagine, this will be a new chapter for us as well as for all of you who have been keeping up with our musical strides over the years. So please stay tuned as we will be posting blogs and info and... yes, eventually a new song or two :) Thanx again so much for all of your collective support over the years. Its been a long journey and in many ways, we've only just begun, so thanx again. I'm excited to see you all very, very soon when we are ready to play shows!!

~Jagger / Opus Däi