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Possible new recordings?

Other than ripping the audio from our videos, we really don't have any recent recordings, and I'd like to get 'real'/'professional' ones done, otherwise I don't think we'd accomplish nearly as much by having out-of-town shows or going on tour. Though, I suppose I could just burn to disk those same audio files and just give them out for promotion. Hm...

Anyway, I've been told by others who are interested in MR&TAD and Jeremiah Johnson's Beard that they'll help us get recorded for free, if possible. That would be so amazing, seeing as right now I have fifty cents in my account.

Starving artists fo sho.


I've just began my Reverbnation account and really, I'm always way too nervous when it comes to self-promotion. I know I HAVE to, if I really have any plans of playing for a living, but I get really self-conscious with how excessively public the internet is. These are also pretty old recordings, so I'd like to not be judged solely on them. Also, I think being so neurotic about how old these recordings are will motivate me to either record new things on my own, or pressure me to find the money elsewhere to professionally record.