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2015 so far...

Hi guys and gals, the one, and only, CJ Orazi here.

6-30-2015 'I am currently working with Double Nine Entertainment and will have some new songs recorded very soon. I met with Jon Lockridge of Double Nine at Plush Studios recently, to check the place out and talk about plans. Until I can schedule time at Plush, I have pre-production versions of most of the new stuff on my other social media sites. I did several pre-pro songs with Hutch Rymer at Paradise Studios in Kissimmee, Fl. and they have turned out fantastic! I have made a few videos, as well, for a new idea I have for a series. It will be a comprehensive video guide/diary called, 'How to (not) be a musician. It will be behind the scenes stuff on what not to do in the music business, along with some of the shenannigans and live footage. Reality and drama included. Currently on episode 5, and counting. Also, I received a call from a friend who recently moved out to Hollywood, CA. and he had some interesting prospective ideas, in regards to furthering my musical journey. Stay tuned on that one. I'll fill in the blanks when I know more myself... Summer Tour with DropShot is officialy over! It was super fun and I met a lot of great people, who I can call family. We had a great response and I look forward to getting back on the road with my music, whether it's solo, full band or just filling in again. You can find out more on my website, www.whoiscjorazi.com.'

Last show for Familiar Sin @ Bombshells?

Yes, that is right. Familiar Sin's last show this saturday @ Bombshells on edgewater drive, Orlando fl, with lots of other artist. I will be accompanied by Josh "the Hammer" Henry from Confused Little Girl on drums, and Phil Jahnke from Statewide Drifter on bass. I am extremely honored to be playing this night, as it is a benefit show for a good friend of mine, who's mother passed away late last year. I would love to see all of my friends and Sinners at this one, since it is the last one I will be playing for a while. I will have everything ready to get going again in mid May 2012. I will be writing songs and playing shows with many of my good musician friends, to add to the list of new things. So, this summer will be packed full of fun adventures. We all need a little adventure, right?

Is this the end or just the beginning?

Although 2011 has come to an end, as well as many bad habits and wretched relations, with this new year has come many new things, like resolutions, songs and a new direction for me. I, myself, have been witnessing a massive change, hopefully for the better, in my life and my musical expressions. I've recently had the opportunity to work with several different people and record almost 2 albums worth of material. While this was transpiring, we witnessed the birth of a new musician, a friend who had never sang before made his mark. Thats all for nw, I have to get back to work. till next time friends and foes alike....

CJ Orazi