Dj Neonglass / Blog


The Dj name comes from his profession ; Neonglasblower (one of the 15 in The Netherlands)and Signmaker. He started mixing 12 inch import disco since 1977. Was one of the resident dj's in youthcentre 'OPENLUCHTSCHOOL' in the Hague. Also we had a pirate radio station Skylab Radio on the F.M. One of the DJ's who also played (and i had a drive-in-disco and the radiostation with) in the Openluchtschool,is later known as (Dj Lex van Coeverden a.k.a Dj Atlantic Ocean with is 90-tie hit Waterfall). He's got a few dj lessons and he's picking Djing up for now. Please let him know if you like the mixes i made.