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CD Release

We are in the home stretch of our CD Release promotions. 2 more appearances and we are there. July 13th at Ireland's Own. We have decided to not feature ourselves at this show. Instead we are inviting other local acts to come in and play. This includes 86 to Nowhere, Midnight Soul, Super Killer Robots, and 12 Pack Jack. What an awesome way to support local music. Additionally we donating money from the event to The Friends and Family Cara Cipriano Organization. Cara has Stage 3 colon cancer and we would like to help her and her family stay afloat. So $20 bucks... lets see that's about four drinks at a normal bar night event... At this event it gets you 4 hours of drinks 6-10pm and BBQ eats (that's right you are getting fed for that price too) and entry (typically $5 on band nights) and our CD (will be sold for $10 on Amazon/CD Baby, etc). All of this for only $20 if you buy before July 10th. Price goes to $25 at the door. You simply can't beat this deal and you are helping charity. We are looking at door prizes and 50/50s and Chinese Raffles and much more. Contact us at 716 830 9589 or at bigtreeroad@gmail.com or at facebook.com/bigtreeroad. Other than that not much else to say... Rock on and we'll see you at the show.

Hey Everybody

So this is our first few days on RN.. So far we're really digging it. Very cool opportunities. Anyway.. New album coming out in March from Big Tree Road. Check out a few tracks here and on our website http://www.wix.com/bigtreeroad/bigtreeroad. Thanks have a sweet week and we'll see you soon.