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Shifting Gears...

On 10/9/2010 Three Simple Rules played our first paid, live gig, where people were able to show us what they thought and encourage us for the first time to continue our quest on this most wonderful of journeys, or to throw in the towel. Your devotion to us was inspiring and we hope that for the past seven years we have spent some moments inspiring you in some ways. As it turns, those of you who caught our 8/4/2017 show at Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant most likely caught our last show as Three Simple Rules. As I had been in the music business all my adulthood, and tired of the business, I had abandoned music. Jes was the primary reason why I returned to it. She has enjoyed learning to play an instrument and preforming for you all so much and I have been successful in shielding her and Jill from what the music business can be and allowing them to see how much fun the music really is. Now as pages in our lives turn and stories unfold it becomes necessary for our lives to take a new direction. Well, at least some of them. Jes has a fuller work schedule, and a pretty new truck to pay for that she can't do on a musicians salary. She also has a beautiful new buddy named "Chief" who needs so much of her time and energy right now. They sort'of need each other. She's doing good work for him. Ask her about it when you see her. At any rate, Me and Momma are still out there picking and grinning, and I'm sure Jes will pop in from time to time. Just felt like I owed you all an explanation. The RN page has been almost stripped for the simple reason that there are other folks out there who are deserving of that #1 spot and we were holding onto it since the last part of July. Wendell "Pops" Jones, RN page is in the process of construction. You'll see a lot of Jes there. Don't get to missing her too much. You most likely won't get the chance to. I am going to leave the Three Simple Rules FB page up for a while till everyone sees this and so everyone can get with everybody who don't know how to get with anybody...does that make sense?

Don't forget... Ol' Pops every Wednesday night 6 to 9 & Me and Momma every Friday 6 to 9 ONLY at Alfonso's!

The WALL!!!

They built a wall at Alfonso's about 7 ft. long and 4 ft. high. Every Friday night Three Simple Rules shows up to serenade the family of man. We set up against that wall and we sit there and play music for three hours every Friday night. Then again on Sunday afternoon we do it again for three more hours. There we are, against that wall not necessarily playing our hearts out, because what we do comes from the heart and what we do, we love doing so much, but really getting your reaction to it and seeing ourselves bringing that out in you and hearing you say it as you go by...There we are Three SIMPLE pasty ass white folks, seeing such a heart felt reaction to what we do from our hispanic brothers and sisters from across the border, and our black brothers and sisters getting into what we are doing, as well as the easterners complimenting us; Now I know there are those that just don't like us and they make it known plainly. But those that do make it possitively, equally if not greaterly, more than plainly known that they do. I guess what I'm blowing wind trying to say is THANKS folks, for coming, for staying, for continuing to come, for letting us be a part of your kids lives, for cooperating, for sitting together, for not noticing that the guy beside you might be a different color, or size, or shape, or...

We'll be against our beloved wall again tonight, serenading the family of man. Hope to see you there.

Christmas Shows

So far this Christmas season Three Simple Rules has played 3 private gatherings. We have 1 to go, who knows, maybe more. It is my favorite time of the year and the songs of the season are of my all time favorite songs. Last night we played a show/Christmas party at "The Bridge at Hickory Woods" retirement and assisted living facility. This is the second year in a row that we have performed for them and with any luck and a lot of hope they will call us back next year. We had such a great time. We arrived about 5 minutes late but played 20 minutes long and received as many requests as we knew. In addition to a wonderful evening they sent us home with a home baked pecan pie. It was still warm out of the oven. We started our endeavor playing at CCRC nursing home 5 1/2 years ago and it amazed me then and it amazes me now how much love is shared over music. How much reaction is received where there was no reaction before. How much joy and happiness is in the hearts of the elderly that music can retrieve. The reaction to the show was overwhelming but the response to us afterwards was heartwarming. I would like to thank everyone who was there last night who watched our performance, the people who work with the elderly, and the people who are responsible for running this fabulous place. Next Christmas, please consider us. Give us a call and Merry Christmas to all of our new friends at "The Bridge at Hickory Woods" in Antioch.


Look What We Got...

Woke up on the morning of 11/10/15 and this was in our in-box.

Radio KSCR

about 8 hours ago

Thank you for submitting your song "Joe" for the Screw the Holidays vol. 2. I would love to feature the song on the compilation. The compilation will be released on the Friday before Thanksgiving through all of the major online retail outlets as well as copies will be sold on the Screw Pop Culture website and the label website that it is being released under. Also 10% of all of the sales is going to Girls Camp Rock Orange County. Please let me know if you are still interested in having your song featured so that I can get the paperwork to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Jowanna Lewis Radio KSCR jlewis@radiokscr.com


So, how do you spell relief? I spell it "Surgery scheduled and looking forward to it." We will be at Alfonso's this Friday night 11/6/15, but we will not be there next Friday night 11/13/15. My surgery is scheduled for 6 AM the morning of the 13th. That's right! Ole Pops is having surgery on Friday the 13th. We will be back at Alfonso's on Sunday morning 11/8/15 & again Sunday 11/15/15. Don't forget Mayday Brewery on Friday night 11/20/15. Come see us when you can. Hey, Preesh!

What a weekend!!

This weekend we were scheduled to play both Mayday Brewery on Friday night 10/23/15 and Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant on Sunday 10/25/15. We failed to make either of those shows. At 4:00 AM Friday morning Jill rushed me to the hospital as we were thinking I was having an appendicitis. Turns out it was kidney stones. They were too large to pass and too high to blast with radiation. They ended up inserting a stint and giving me something to increase the chances of it moving. The pain is under control, but the problem is still there. I will be having more surgery to resolve the problem soon (within the next 2 weeks) but I will do my best to schedule it so that it doesn't interfere with anything we have scheduled. Our, and especially my apologies to Mayday Brewery and to Alfonso's. It is not in our genes to cancel a show, especially one that we were looking so forward to. It just flat felt out of place. I hope we were able to contact you soon enough to get a replacement. The next we are scheduled will be at Alfonso's this Friday night 10/30/15 and at Mayday Brewery on Friday night 11/20/15 and we look forward to preforming a bang-up show both times. Thank you all for your understanding and your patience during this period. We will get through it together, thank God!


3*SR played at Lulu's on 8/22/2015. Although this was the same night as the infamous Wilson County Fair we had a nice, small, and very attentive crowd. Thanks for everyone for making it a good night even though Jill was absent. I know she is aggravated that she is unable to perform, as are we, but she is getting better and we hope to have her back in the lineup very soon. Until then you guys keep on coming and Jes and I will keep on playing. Thanks so much and we sure do love you guys.



This weekend was a wonderful weekend. We started it out with a show at Lulu's in Watertown. I don't know what it is about Lulu's but we absolutely LOVE playing there. I am pretty sure if it ain't the people it's the food. I could be either, but I'm mostly sure it's the people. We have a awesome friend who had a troubled night. I hope things turned out OK, but for me I just had a blast that night. Jill sang with us again for the first time in a couple of shows, but she had to sit on a stool the entire night. Thank goodness for low stools with padded seats. The next afternoon we had a show at Alfonzo's. It was pretty busy for the most part, what with it being Mother's Day and all. Once again Jill sang with us, but not for the entire show. She's working on it, y'all. I think the best part was when we got home our nasty kitchen was "SPIT SHINED!" Thanks to our youngest daughter, Gracy. Mom was completely jazzed! Good day.

Moving On!!

On Wednesday March 25, Jill went in for another back surgery. She had an electrical spinal stimulator implanted in her back. Hopefully this will help things a bit. She seems to be feeling better as far as pain goes but it isn't doing anything for her stability, yet. I know these doctors can only do so much, but this time I think we have found a doctor who seems to want to help. My fear is that if it doesn't do anything for her stability she may have to step down again. JES and I have held it together as a duo before and we can (and will) again as long as JES is interested in doing it, or until she takes a real interest in writing. When that happens I think I may step down too and nurse Jilly around. I want to make sure JES has a steady stream of original music that suits her. I think I am going to teach her more about getting involved in that aspect of what we do. Not because I have any great desire to quit, but because she needs that expansion, and it just may become necessary. Would appreciate everyone's prayers for Jill's relief and that she can continue doing what we love to do so much. You guys make it all worth it.

The "C" word!

The day after a show at the Moose Lodge. We were invited by brother Mickey Gannon to assist with the music for a cancer benefit for such a beautiful lady. We were introduced to her but all I can think of right now is Audrey. We were proud to be there simply for her, but playing music was a gas too. We shared the stage with lots of great performers. Dave Bauder of The Boomers was there playing harmonica, Mickey played drums all night, Gary & Ricky of the Leonard Brothers. Band were there and performed, Shelby Lee Lowe got up and sang a few songs for us and then Three Simple Rules sneaked in there in the middle. We had a real blast. Although Audrey could not make the entire night, there was a lot of money raised for her cause. While the "C" word generally stands for CANCER, when musicians get involved it could just as easily be "CONCERT, CONTRIBUTIONS, CARING..." or any number of good things that generous people can provide. Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Mickey for inviting us. Thanks to the Moose Lodge for hosting this great event. Perhaps we can get a benefit scheduled for another great cause soon. We already have one in mind. Now, Mrs. Jill is still with us and things are working out great. She has a surgery scheduled for Monday morning to implant a spinal stimulator for pain control. She may be out for a show or two but she will be right back. Don't start missing her, she won't be gone that long.