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Rappers and Singers Needed!!!!

Twin Management is looking for artists to collab with twin on two of this tracks, "Back to You" and "Stand UP" if you think you have the skills and you want to be on his mixtape "The Rise" that will be released on July 7th, 2012 please don't hestitate to send us a message or email your collab to twinwooten@gmail.com. If your really interested in the tracks just call 903-521-6536 and ask for Monica. --Woo Management Manager/Label

Happy To Be Here

I am so happy to be in the top for the local standing but I am seriously on my grind to keep the tops slot and working on making it up into the top 100 National...Thanks to all that support and push me to achieve more than I though I could.


the single release on itunes "Back to you"


A thought was born

Today my mind was rebirth through the words of a passage that was bound to be meaningful and significant. I walked alone to stand alone to find that all I do is set the pace for those to follow, follow my lead and take my hand as I guide them to that forsaken land, yet they continue to find themselves floating on the the thoughts of my mind and lingering on the passion of my effort. How can I define me if I can't seem to find out who are we? And where do I begin when I never knew when to begin or how to mend that, that once was a whole that seems to be in pieces of shattered thoughts that are born to be made powerful yet they dangle and cross your mind up with misunderstanding of what you thought, that actually turned out to be nothing more than a thought unborn. Birth your thoughts today and make your dreams come true.....until next time this is your....

LyricalBeauty aka Woo Management

Hey Yo!

This is your boi Marco aka Twin....saying thanks for your support with out you this is not possible...one Love peeps