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My Thoughts On Comedy Music

You can write as many songs as you want about balls and dicks. But they're easy.

I feel that blue humor, and I mean simply blue humor (meaning dirty humor.) is good to start out with, it's a beginners type of song. And it's great! They're funny. I even have blue songs. And I have blue parts in songs that aren't even considered that blue. Sometimes you do need to have a balance for your audiences.

But I feel if you can have a very funny song and not say something dirty, it's gold.

Tom Lehrer is one of my favorite comedic songwriters and his songs were super intelligent. And hilarious.

So if you're starting out as a comedic songwriter, if you're a listener of comedic songs, or if you are a comedic songwriter. I feel you should always write for yourself, and if that means verses like:

The best thing in the world are boobs They're fun to play with all day long But something just as good as boobs Are boobs atop my dingy dong

Then write it. Write what makes you laugh. But I feel it's easy to write blue humor. You're going for the easy joke. And it's more important to write to the top of your intelligence and challenge yourself.

So when I here songs like that, I don't usually laugh because I feel the writer didn't try very hard. (Unless they say dingy dong. Then I might laugh though.)

So write and play to the top of your intelligence people,

That's my two cents,

Let me know how you feel about this, I'm interested.

- matt griffo

794 to 79?

Somehow. And I don't know how.

In one night. Really in a matter of 8 hours. I went from being 794 with -6 points to ranking 79 with +715 points.

I don't quite understand it. But I'm really excited about it!

So thanks to all that made it possible for me to get that many points and to get that high in ranking in a matter of hours.

You guys rock,

Matt Griffo