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Follow Up Album

In production of the new album and the new mixtape. Get ready for this is going around the world and this impending weather will finally hit! Collaborations from around the globe!


Working on new music and a few music videos! Hope you can check them out when they come out! Thank you for the support!

Album Out!

UnMuted has now debuted. Hard copies are 2 dollars each for the first 80 sold. After that, they become 3 dollars. The downloading online will take place soon. Hope you can get a hold of it soon, thank you!


Less than 2 months until the CD debuts! Check it out when it does... i'll be unmuted then!


About 6 months until first album debut. It's going down then!

September- Monthly Update 2012

In September, I'm gonna finalize the demo tracks on my CD then plan out the recording sessions and practice. I'll then record em in like December or January. Be on the look out for this new stuff. It's going down!

August- Montly Update 2012

Posted a new song, "Take a Chance on Me Feat. NTE." It's a sick party song, hope you enjoy the music that we are making and keep up the support. Thanks!

New Song!

I have a new song called, "Can't Think Straight" which is up now! Check it out!

New Songs

New song called, "The Puppet Is Off The Strings" is uploaded! Check it out and let me know how you like the music!