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Introducing Lula Granji

Over the recent chunk of time/space, Lula Granji, the dynamic Colorado-based college roommates with a chocolate Dodo have been electrocuting audiences across the Front Range with their genre-fusing sight and sound experience. Birthed in 2011 at the University of Colorado Boulder, Braden Waller, Hiroki Collins, and Marshall VanSwaay started as a group of friends who love jam and little dookies. Upon discovering the collective vibe and funky riffs being immaculately conceived when they played with themselves, they decided to see just how far they could take it. Since then, the hermit trio has steadily been crawling out from their shell and into the deep , growing their fanbase and exploring the depths. dun dun dun!

Lula Granji blends psychedelic jam-rock, blues, experimental and jazz with electronic trance, worldbeat, and funk, all of which create an ethereal soundscape. Their musical style combines free-form improvisation, shredding guitar, and masterful pre-production to make you squint your ears. Their music is both dance inspiring and thought provoking, creating a live performance that stimulates all of the senses, occasionally including sexual organs.

Setting them apart from other acts are Lula’s visual projectionist, Kyle Monks, and Hula Hoop Performer, Alyssa McClelland, who plays with both LED and fire hoops during their shows. Together they provide the crowd with unrivaled visual aesthetics........sometimes.

Lula Granji has played with acts like Particle, Jimkata, Eminence Ensemble, The Magic Beans, Technicolor Tone Factory, Astronomix, J-Wail, Future Simple Project, and others. The band is currently working on their upcoming album, which will be released fashionably late sometime in the future.