Rebekah and David...an acoustic project / Blog


Hi everyone. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out Rebekah and David…An Acoustic Project’s blog. We are an acoustic duo. David is a classically trained guitarist, majored in music, and has been playing professionally on both acoustic and electric guitar since college. I am the daughter of a career jazz musician and have been around music all my life. I am also the proud product of public music education specializing in voice and violin.

The musical influences we draw from for our acoustic project range from Etta James and Amy Winehouse to Simon and Garfunkle and The Black Keys. In addition to this acoustic project, we are also members of THE BLEND, a complete party and wedding dance band located in the greater NY/NJ area. Outside of our musical interests, David is a Mechanical Engineer and I am former history teacher and current full-time mom. We are blessed with two beautiful families and many supportive friends and fans whom we can’t thank enough for listening to and enjoying our music over the years.

As any musician can tell you - music is such an integral part of our existence and purpose. Musicians always think about it, hum it, strum it, breath it… it’s like air. The fact that we have found an outlet that allows us to express ourselves, well, that’s empowering and it enables us to continue striving to achieve our best performances, to find new and old favorites that will connect with our audience, and to just be happy while making others feel the same.

When you are sharing your music, there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing someone in the audience close their eyes, tilt their head back and sway with a smile. Or seeing toes tapping, hips shaking, and of course…the best…a child dancing to your music without a care. It’s the living in the moment and the leaving of the day’s stresses at the door that motivates us. It’s the focusing on the joy music brings us all that makes it worthwhile for us, and hopefully for you as well.

So please follow our blog as we embark on our project. We will check in from time to time, let you know where we’ll be playing, we’ll give you set lists updates, let you know how to book us, and of course, we’ll run the occasional contest or two. ;o) Thanks so much for your support and we hope to see you at our shows!