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New House Trout

New song up called "New House Trout." I named this song New House Trout to give the imaginative listener the effect of moving into a house and just getting settled when a big rainstorm comes about. As the storm starts to recede, the screen door pops open a bit and a trout bounces in and begins to flop about the house. The congos and keys are reflective of the trouts journey through the house(reversed from time to time to preserve the digital protuberance and to symbolize night crickets while the acoustic continues to cut through and add analog warmth). Midway through the song the acoustic guitars change up to symbolize the capture of the trout and walking down to the stream. The last acoustic change is reflective of the release of the trout back into the stream and the visual of it swimming away while remembering the incident. I hope you enjoy it :)