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New CD

Well the time has finally come. My debut CD is hitting iTunes this month. It has been quite the journey, and one that I have had the privilege to share with so many faithful friends and family. The Lord has given me some great opportunities with the whole process of recording and mastering this album. The start of "Across Your Sky" came kind of out of a funny story. I went to my home church in Maine one weekend and played the song "Bridges" for the morning services. After the second service I was feeling really sick to my stomach so I planned on leaving right after the song was over. I made my way to the parking lot only to be chased down by a lady yelling for me to stop. She told me that she knew Kelly Clarkson's back-up singers and continued to ask for a copy of the song I just sang to give to her contact. At the time I was not even thinking of recording anything at all, but my dad spurred me on to consider recording the single. ​

My dad then called me up that November in 2011 to tell me he was talking to Jesse Dold at "The Ghost Mill Studios" in Dover,NH about recording me. I was thrilled at the opportunity and decided to jump on it. Little did I know this would start a journey of God working in my heart to start the album process.

The next summer we recorded "Beauty in the Broken Heart, Across Your Sky, Boston's Bay, Not, Intro, and Another Year". It took long hours and dedication from the team : Cole Gove, Jesse Dold, Andrew Mendola, Jess Folger, Sharon Young, Analycia Young, Alyssa Weaver and Greg Tobler. All Played a big part in the making of this Album. ​

Late nights and early mornings were spent in creating the melodic journey that Across Your Sky came to be as an album. But, most of all God really used my parents and sister to encourage my heart into doing this whole thing. My dad would pour his time and efforts into my dream has brought such an encouragement to my life in general, but especially with this album. Financially, prayerfully, he would pour into this project as if it were his own. For that I thank Him for his intricate part that He played in the making of this album. My mom would always give me the warm responses only a mother can whenever I would come home from the studio, and that kept my heart and spirit up through the long days. My sister always has been that person to go to when I was frustrated with the whole thing and would calm me down and also tell me how it was straight up! My family as a whole has been a great foundation for me doing this whole thing.

I want to also thank all who supported me Financially with the Album. You have encouraged me big time. I want to just say that I am not into any debt on this thing with the help of numerous people. That is awesome to say as a single college student. Ultimately I thanks the Lord for always reminding me through my family and friends that He is the source of all this coming to be. His hand prints are all over this project. It is a beautiful picture of His grace in my life.

Here is the list of all who were involved on the music side of things...

Jesse Dold- Ebow on "Beauty in the Broken heart"; All drum programming; Bass on Bridges; Vocal 'Ohh's' on "Not"; Executive Producer

Cole Gove- Co-Producer

Andrew Mendola- Electric Guitar on, "Not, Across Your Sky, Boston's Bay"

Alyssa Weaver- Vocals on "Bridges"

Analycia Young- Vocals on "Boston's Bay"

Sharon Young- Vocals on "Across Your Sky"

Jess Folger- Vocals on "Beauty in the Broken Heart"

Greg Tobler- Mastered the Album

Thanks again if you read all the way through this! I cannot wait to share my heart with you friends! Follow me on twitter or facebook and let's chat. Colossians 1:17 "He (Jesus) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." Without the Lord none of this would happen. Thank You Lord.

In Christ,



So it has been a year since I started the album, "Across Your Sky", and it is now set to release this January. I am beyond excited. As of now, a guy by the name of Greg Tobler is doing all mastering work this month. Jesse Dold and "The Ghost Mill" will be doing all the mixing. I am beyond excited to share my heart with you friends! Stay tuned..