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jus a wassup

hey all. jus wanted to let all new friends and fans know that ill have sum new tracks up soon with sum new collabes and a new mixtape end of the year-start of next year..stay with me people and i appreciate all the support offered over the period wherre i been on hiatus makin kids..i really appreciate the love and realness.. stay up all peace and blessings madhatta

plz peep my latest interview

http://www.systemculture.org/2009/08/madhatta.html http://www.systemculture.org/2009/08/madhatta.html http://www.systemculture.org/2009/08/madhatta.html heres the link.... plz peep this interview

6 tracks free from madhatta,plz grab now

www.jamendo.com/madhatta plz grab the 6 free tracks from madhatta,,jus a lil album preview till the full 16 track album drops of 'SKOOL IS IN SESSION' www.jamendo.com/madhatta

free skool is in session album preview


peep me out peeps,,holla madhatta

peep me out peeps

madhatta interview by illa funk

for full interview peep tha link.. http://www.micspecialistmusic.com/madhatta.htm AMPED SOUNDSTHE ONLINE MAGAZINE CREATED FOR ARTIST, BY ARTIST Cover Site Map Blog About Us Contact Us Through the Looking Glass If you thought that all Australia had to offer was wallabies and Men At Work records then you are sadly mistaken. Hip-Hop is alive and well in the world’s only country/continent. Madhatta is the Aussie Atlas, and has put the weight of an entire continent on his back and carries it with pride. Armed with his crew, 1NE World Fam, Madhatta is destined to bring the underground of the land down under to Hip-Hop’s forefront. Where are you from? MH: Born in Melbourne Australia, raised in Perth, and am currently residing in Armadale or Dramadale as it’s commonly called. Ha-ha Dramadale? MH: Yeah it’s one the most poverty stricken burbs in Perth, a lot of diversity so there’s problems sometimes we’ll jus say ha-ha. Now for those of us who didn’t pay attention in Geography class, could you explain exactly where Perth is? MH: Um yeah actually Perth is the most isolated city in the world. Being on the west its jus us over here. The rest of Australia lives on the east coast (laughs) apart from a select crazy few who live in the outback, like Crocodile Dundee How long have you been in the game?? MH: First off, I'd say I been in [the game] all my life. Hip-Hop always had me; even as a youngin. But I started getting active in 99 with writing and basic song structure, but didn’t fully get it or pick a mic up till 2001. That’s when I got serious wit it. How’d you get the name Madhatta? MH: Ha-ha-ha. Actually, it came from the old classic Alice in Wonderland. In that movie, The Mad Hatter was an entertainer that hosted tea parties. So we came up wit Mad Hatta and just changed the tea drinking for pot smokin ha-ha and that’s basically it. It was my name from my old crew (MC2) in my New Zealand days (MC2= Madhatta + Phatkat) I remember that shit. The Cheshire Cat was my dude. Ha-ha. What ever happened to MC2? MH: (laughs) Well we was real young and not very experienced. We meet up during a audio engineering course in 01, and basically [MC2] was the 1st shit I put out. It was wack and from day 1 our vibe wasn’t right. Like in the studio it didn’t work. Doin shows didn’t work. The final straw was when Phatkat stood me up for a show I hustled, which was a big thing back then. So after that I went solo. I took it more serious and started recording at home. So long story short, we was at different places. I was lookin to take it serious and he was jus playin round. Although Hip-Hop is on a global stage, not too many people think of Hip-Hop when they think of Australia. What is the current state of Australian Hip-Hop?