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A new atmosphere and style

Been working on some new material. The piece "Twenty-three" is a clue as to where the next collection of music is going. "Overload" is a proper song in the works with rhythmic verses and crashing choruses. A noisy affair to be accurate. I will update and possibly release another preview here in the future. Right now, I'm just having fun creating another world in the Atticusfallen catalogue. Visit timothyjprough.com/drsc to listen to various projects from the past to present.

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New (old) Album Up on Reverb

The Drunken Roadside Companion LP is streaming in full on my page. The first 15 tracks, ending with [Reprise] is the album, below that is new and even older material that will surface on the Drunken Roadside Blog in the future.

Please tune in and enjoy. Any comments are welcome.

Thanks for listening.


A Tune Brightened

A song tentatively called "Waiting To Say Goodbye," for the "Drunken Roadside Companion" album, is now being re-recorded for this long overdue collection of tunes. Put on pause for about 8 years because life happened, I am happy to be able to revisit this particular song. It never had anything but a nice melody and chorus. The verses were never completed. Just a lot of bongolese.

So far, a nice rhythm, some warm acoustic and some deep thinking about the lyrics. The goal is to have it completed, mixed and mastered in a week or so. (maybe in one evening - this happens when it's all going very well).

Then, onto the next. And the next. And then some filling out of some instrumental tracks. Then done. Only to finally work on some more abstract and aggressive tunes for the next collection. Hopefully, now that life is incorporated into the process, it won't take another 8 years. Laugh out loud, indeed.

Atticusfallen: Coming Soon

Working on some new tunes, reworking some old tunes. Hoping to complete a collection called “The Drunken Roadside Companion,” the namesake of this blog, by the end of the year. I started it in 2000 and continued to work on it up until 2004. Nothing satisfied me so I shelved it for a while. I drunkenly recorded four tracks in 2009 that seemed to pair with those earlier recordings and now the muse is reinvigorated. Posted on this profile is a sampling of Atticusfallen throughout the years. The newer tracks are “3AM Street Haze,” “Hey Truth (2012 Version),” and “I Love You, Brother.” The original idea for this collection is that it is an accompaniment to a quiet film about a small journey. Not to anywhere in particular, but of a journey toward an understanding. The slow healing moments after losing someone. The emotional rebuilding of a person. The songs start and stop with odd structures. Instrumentals come in, hang for a small while, and then end like a small breeze. So far, I’m close to finishing it.

The track list thus far for the new collection is:

3AM Street Haze; Hey Truth (2012 Version); I Love You, Brother; Gonna Make It Rain; Beautiful Moments; Waiting To Say Goodbye; Find Myself Alone; A Drunken Rant 10/8/09; Single Point Of Light; UTURnAlleY; Time 4:40; An Introduction; Mt. Zion Road; Warrington Summer Rain; Shitlands OK; (That’s My) Great Mystery;

The Winding Wheel

So much to do and so much to share. Please visit The Drunken Roadside Companion (timothyjprough.com/drsc), a blog that shares sonic creations from all of the Attic Music collaborators – Atticusfallen, DarkMatter, Darkropolis, Three One-Eyed Sisters and many other soon-to-be-revealed sonic partnerships. As the tapes become digitized, cleaned up and remastered, they will be posted there.

Also in the works is new material for Atticusfallen. Some of those creations have been shared on the Reverb Nation site. The latest is 3AM Street Haze – so far, the strongest contender for the opening track on the next album.

Head on over to the Atticusfallen Facebook page and have a listen. Like it if you do. Or not... but thank ya for stopping by. Stay tuned y'all.