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First of all...MUCH LOVE to all our friends out there! You guys have been great and inspiring! We are so lucky to be connected with so many cool people! Next, we would like to announce the construction of our newest online music project entitled 'The Return'. Why is it called an online project? We currently don't release our own self-produced 'hardcopy' CD's anymore. Only when our music is featured on commercial labels like Citizen Records or Latchkey Recordings will we have a CD product for sale. By the way, check for those at www.teamskeme.com and give them a listen! The Return will be constructed and posted on our main myspace page at: www.myspace.com/teamskemeaddict as the tracks are finished! The Return was signified by the release of 'Doctrine' a thematic track that dramatized the inspiration and sounds of Team Skeme slaving away in the studio forming our new construction. We are very excited and hope you find something that you connect with on this new endeavor! As we are hammering and bending sounds for The Return, please transport to our fabulous plastic paradise at www.myspace.com/teamskeme . This is our fabled 'mannequin' site and features music in a style and motif that is true to our New Wave heart. Deep, dark and plastic...lies the soul of the mannequin! We just created two new songs for that site 'Synthetic Transmission' and 'Plastic Parasite'! As always, be on the lookout for Team Skeme collaborations with various artist such as our deeply connected and wonderfully rich work with [ a u d i b l e ]. New tracks are on the way and can be found by regularly checking www.myspace.com/mouseinthefog . Team Skeme provide vocal support for [ a u d i b l e ]'s unbelievable music! Add [ a u d i b l e ] as a friend to stay up to date! Stop over to www.myspace.com/teamskemeaddict and turn up the sound for our latest online release 'The Cold E.P.' featuring extended versions and a brand new music video directed by Mark Bristol for 'The Gun' and so much more!! Killer Team Skeme Remixes at: www.myspace.com/teamskemepassion and www.myspace.com/teamskemex Modern Classic Team Skeme at: www.myspace.com/teamskemehome Team Skeme, Never Stop

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Team Skeme  (over 8 years ago)

New Track up - 'Spider'