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Taking charge of your life

The body is a constant manifestation of various levels of compulsiveness, depending upon the type of information that has gone into the system. The information that is imprinted upon your physiological system is what we refer to as the karmic body. This information determines how much compulsiveness you suffer from, and how much freedom you naturally enjoy within yourself. Through meditation, seeking union, we are not concerned about who our fathers and forefathers were, what kind of genetics and karmic substance we received from them, and what we have imbibed in the process of living. It does not matter what has happened until this moment – we have decided to take charge of our life.

Threefold Gate of Hell

Lust, anger, and greed—these constitute the threefold gate of hell, leading to the destruction of the soul's welfare. These three, therefore, man should abandon. By turning away from these three entrances to the realm of darkness, man behaves according to his own highest good and thereafter reaches the Supreme

Dear God

Dear God

8/4/2015 1:38 PM

Dear God, Not so much for my own well being, or health, am I reaching out to you, to help keep me on my path to controlling my sensory addictions and bad habits Whether large or small, from chemicals to food, to impatience. They ALL separate me from You! I want to give them ALL up, so that my thoughts and emotions are clear, precise and strong when I Pray for my Family!!! You have blessed me with the most amazing, beautiful, healthy, smart, loving family I could have ever wanted. I now understand, my current role in life is to remain as pure and clear headed as possible, so that my Prayers for them will be MOST effective. Though I may stumble, every time I get up I will be stronger, and I will keep remembering that YOU put them here because YOU believe that I can do this.. so I TOO believe that I can do this.. Thank you for all the little amazing things in my life and mostly for all the Angels I call my Family! (when the babies smile at me I feel I can move mountains, or bring down the stars, if they wanted) I will persist in Godliness BECAUSE of, as well as FOR them, and try to be a living example of how amazing all their lives can really be! With all my heart, Lord Amen.

Why is self realization so important?

Because you if you keep associating with your identity, you will be consumed by desires and fears, repeating themselves meaninglessly, in endless suffering..

From Duality, to Non-Duality, back to Duality..

The challenge of enlightenment is not simply to glimpse the awakened condition, nor even to continually experience it. It is to be, and express it, as yourself in the way you move in the world. In order to do this you must come out of hiding behind any superstitious beliefs and find the courage to question everything. Otherwise you will continue to hold on to superstitions that distort your perception and expression..

Untill the facts are in, it's all just a mix of mythology and clever thinking..

No matter how beautiful the spiritual experience is, it is only an experience, and experiences come and go.. Ask yourself what was it that was there in the experience? and what is it that is still here, now that the experience is over? THAT is what you are!!

You do what you Will

"... there simply exists power, to be tapped, to do good or to do evil.. there exists certain entities who will aid you .. you may call these entities Gods, Spirits or Watchers; or depersonalize them, as Powers or Forces."

If I die...

While we are approaching the end of our time, we are NOT at the end of our being! It is the activity of our nerves, the acid of our fears, which daily consume our organism. He who suceeds in raising himself above his emotions, in suppressing his anger and the Fear of illness, is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years.. however.. if I die, I will only become more powerful!

Reality without Filters

To see things as they are is to see them without filters, without veils. To see "what is" means to perceive objectively. Objective perception requires that we apprehend or perceive without the usual filters, without the projections of the past onto the present. "What is", obviously must be in the moment -- now, because only now exists. Only this very moment exists. You can see that logically for yourself. I'm not saying anything esoteric here, what exists is now. The past reality is not here. The future hasn't come yet.

To see "what is" means to see the now, as it is. But to see the now as it is means to see without the influence of the past! Many of our problems and illusions come from our past experience. We've seen how we can project our patterns on our interpersonal relationships, how we project our relationships with our parents and others in our early childhood onto our present life, how we react in ways that have nothing to do with the present. This is one way of seeing some of the more obvious psychological and emotional filters. We don't see people the way they are, we see them according to our past experience. We are always projecting images and patterns of relationship that do not actually exist now.

To experience things without concepts means to experience things without the past, with absolutely no mind, because mind is the filter we put on reality.


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