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Thank you.

Fleshsuit is proud to be part of the top 5 in our genre, in our state. To show appreciation to all that have visited our page we have put a new song up called Greywash. This song is featured on the first release by the band entitled The Beginning, so to all that view our page it is here for download and sharing. Again thank you Fleshsuit Family, and there will be more to come.

Greetings from the Ryno Den!!!

What's happenin'???? This is Ryno,singer an' guitar guy for FLESHSUIT.First off,thank YOU from all of US for checkin' us out and takin' the time to give a damn about our music.We are some real guys,here to make real music.You can call it any old thing ya wanna,but I lovingly refer to us as MUSIC-CORE...cause that's what we are about is writin' good music!!! Lot's of stuff on the horizon,including the release of our new EP this very weekend,so I will try to keep you guys posted on what the hell we got goin' !!!! Gonna keep this one short....just wanted to thank you for checkin' us out on behalf of Breck and Matt as well as myself!!!! Thank ya Family...talk to ya soon!!!