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Rocking 2014

This seems to be the year of Holesinger. Big time show booked. Bright outlook. Looking to book some even bigger shows. New area of fans in Owen County, KY. Its about to explode.

Rock on

New Beginnings

Right now we have booked our show at the Madison Theater Feb. 2nd. We have been asked to help fill a couple open spots with other local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky hard rock bands. Anyone wanna play?

THe new songs are to big

We are having trouble get the new songs up but they are up on myspace check them out

Hi everyone

So we have made some changes in the line up and in the name as you can see. But we have just finished a 4 track Ep. We well have up in just a few day's. Stright up theres some good shit on here. Until then keep RocN Chris farewell sincerly yours

NcoR is looking a new singer

Hey everybody, this is Chris from Nothing Comes Out Right. We are looking for a new singer. One that has a strong voice for recording and has a good live stage presence. We have been playing live shows, writing good songs and having fun. But we lack a good vocalist. We are ready if you are. Hit me up or the bands myspace. Thanks hope to hear from you.

NcoR is looking a new singer

Hey everybody, It's me Danger Boy. We are in need of a singer. One who has a good storng voice. Please get back to us

Its been along week

Hey everyone it's Chris again it's been a crazy Month so far. We think we found a home at the Mad Hatter. We played an awesome show with some good bands. Then we meet some new friends from Boston, When Girls Kiss Girls. There on tour right now. I must say these kids are RocN. We played a show at Dirty Jack's the other night. So it been one huge party at my spot in Newport for 3 weeks now. We have talk to a studio who wants to record are cd so we can't wait. Well its back to the office i go. Thanks again everybody for all your help.

Rico made it back alive

Okay where to start. James' aunt gave us a number to this bar called the route8 road house. So i call the place, they call back a week later. The fist thing the man says to me tells me right away he didn't mean to call me. I didn't lie but bent the truth so i told him my name the bands name and what we our about. So we played there on July 5th. When get there are sings that said mystery band. Rico felt out of place it was a little to country and out in the stix for him. There was a door on the stage that was behind him. He told us to keep it locked at all times he didn't want know body to come up and rope him from behind. As we started all was well but of curse they thought we were a country rock and blues band. So we switched it up on them. Then half way threw the night my guitar broke i mean fell apart the wires came lose the switch feel out. But we once again we overcame it and rocked the road house. Everyone loved us and Rico's drumming. They told us we were the best band the bar has seen in ten years. It just sucked that Ru dog was on vacation. But he is back know and it is still a go on the 17 at North Side Tavern 4163 Hamilton Ave * Cincinnati, OH. We playing with Ego Explosion hope to see everybody This is Chris I'm out

513.542.3603 * northside-tavern.com

made it back alive

Yeah man cleveland was the shit everyone. The rock and roll hall of fame was awesome best birthday present ever.Its a lot to take in man.What sucked was you couldn't take pictures, but you all know me. You can take the kid out of newport but you can't take the newport out the kid. I should have the photos on the myspace page. I wish you all could of seen Paulie Pimpin out Cider Point. Last time the man got on a roller coaster was in 1968 hell i don't even think they had steel coaster then. We got him on a kids coaster next thing you know ol Paulie tackled four of the biggest coaster i have ever been on. made the old pimp feel like a kid again skipping and jumping. Thats my boy. Other then that it was my birthday week we were faded me and Vince boy lets just say we let everyone know we there and where we were from.

Its somebody birthday Today

So it seems that i made it 23 wow what a night last night was. Ncor and friends were all over Newport painting the town red. They had me wasted by 6:30 still in my work cloths and every time i tried to get a away from the water fall of boze they weren't having it. The night would of been great if i hadn't ran into the whichy women. This lady pulled me to the side and read my future. Im not one that gets into that much or am i the kind of person to show emotion like did. She was the real deal. It was all good out come with the my friends by my side i just things i have to watch out for and i know what she ment. But any ways we are on the way to the Rock and Roll history up in cleveland. Much love Chris From ncor