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A summer of opportunity!

We've been seeking out some opportunities for the summer. Aside from reaching out to new concert venues and promoters, we have entered ourselves into the 2013 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. This past weekend we had the privilege of opening for Candlelight Red at The Original Bar here in our home city of Minot and the excitement from that performance is still bringing a smile to my face. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us thus far. We hope to have new performance dates posted soon. -Nick

All excitement aside....

After a nice holiday break and some other debauchery, we decided it was time to get back to work. We have been actively booking shows and reaching out for other opportunities. The band has quite a few shows coming up. Most of them aren't even announced yet...so it can be our little secret....sorta. We've even begun stirring up some musical ideas for the next record. I don't want to spoil anything but there has been some goosebumps. We have a couple of shows booked for Mandan, North Dakota and we are close to announcing a hand full of gigs here in Minot. We have been reaching out to other great bands from out of town and have discussed swapping shows with bands like 'Fail To Decay' and 'Thira' from Minneapolis, Minnesota. You should definitely check those guys out. Other things worth mentioning...we have our music submitted to Clear Channel Radio and will be featured on 'Dakota DamnNATION' which will be broadcast on Sunday, January 20th at 9 pm on Rock 101 (Bismarck/Mandan), at 9:30 pm on KJ-108 FM (Grand Forks) and at 10 pm on 105.3 The Fox (Minot). We will also be a supporting act for the upcoming EYE EMPIRE show in Mandan on March 1st. All excitement aside, we just cant wait to play for you fine people! -Nick

Goodbye to the end of the world!

2012 was a good year, but we aspire for more 2013. In this past year (and some change), Celestria has come a long way. Going from being remnants of a band, torn apart by natural disaster, to finding a new drummer and bass player, finding a new rehearsal space and busting our asses for 9 long months to create, arrange and record ten of our proudest accomplishments. Before the album came out, we satisfied our 'itch' to perform by doing a hand-full of acoustic performances at coffee shops and parties. We even dealt with disappointment as our 'first official live performance' was cancelled due to electrical issues at the event. The one thing that struck us the most in 2012 was the response and support we received upon the albums release. We have had the privilege to perform for and talk to many of the people that have shown their support. We have made an impression in the Mandan, ND area with our performance as an opening band for Texas Hippie Coalition and of course had a lot of fun performing for the patrons of the 'Original Bar & Nightclub with Wombler, and raising money to benefit the Minot Area Homeless Coalition with great local talent such as Last Great Summer, Rainy Day Rebellion, Ben Eder, and Rick Watson. A big 'THANK YOU' to every single person who supported our music. 2012 was just the beginning for us. In 2013, we intend to play many out of town shows in more cities to help expand our following. We have even begun writing songs for the next album! Through hard work and dedication we hope to continue to create the music we love and have the privilege and opportunity to play shows for all of you fine people. Have a safe and happy holidays and don't drink too much Egg Nog! -Nick

What a relief.....

This evening we are finally sending our debut album off to Disc Makers! As the title suggests, there is a consensus of relief amongst the band, my self for sure. We have spent the better part of this year hard at work with writing, pre-production, recording, post-production and tackling the many wonderfully tedious tasks that comes with putting a record out. As a band, we elected to wait to play shows until we had the album done because we felt that it was best to have a 'finished product' to present to our listening audience. I think that idea mostly spawned by drawing from previous band experience and playing 'first shows' that one could modestly describe as 'rough'. We are hoping that seeing us for the first time live as a prepared and rehearsed band will make a better first impression and also that you will have something to purchase that is worthy of the hard earned money that you may give us in exchange. We hope to earn a respectable following of people that appreciate original music and will help the local music scene and other local bands gain some traction in everyone's respective towns/cities. On that note, it is time to get started on uploading the album and artwork. Until next time........ -Nick


We now have the final album mix in hand and we are just waiting on Ryan to finish the album artwork and the CD's will be off to the press! We are hard at work on rehearsing the songs and gearing up for more live shows. There has been discussion of a show or two in November so stay tuned. Until then we will be releasing about a song a week from the album to hold you over until it is available for sale. Thank you to all of our fans, old and new, for your support and we hope to get to the fun part of being in a band (playing a ton of shows) very soon! -Nick

Our debut album "Through Hell And High Water" is coming soon!

While we wait on finishing touches and disc replication we would like to announce that we will have our debut record available this fall. It will include ten original songs totaling up to roughly an hour of music. We also have merchandise available, (@ our shows only at this time while we set up our online store) so check it out and see if there is anything you fancy. Until then we encourage everyone to show their support in any way they can and spread the word about Celestria.