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Don't forget you're an Athlete!

Hey guys,

Its been a while...but you know I don't like to talk...just to talk! Like having something worth saying...lol. It's about that time and I thought I'd share some encouragement with you ;).

Well, I recently faced a circumstance in which I was surprised by my response to the circumstance. I found myself sad over something that I normally would just flourish, and bounce back from. Beautifully the circumstance discovered some other things going on inside...so it worked its purpose; But I was still curious why my response was so disheartening. I asked God, and He later answered, (as He always does) through analogies so I get it visually.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy adventure, sports, cars, motorcycles, hairstyles, clothes, and art etc. Ironically, all these things take lots of discipline and intentional focus. Especially athleticism.

After prayer one Saturday morning, I turned the TV on and was watching the "X-games" (extreme sports). And all of a sudden, like a anesthetized cut...lmbo... I heard That still familiar voice say, "they even prepare after their victories"! Wow! Wow! Wow! Why was this so vital? Well, I learned some life long VALUABLE lessons at that moment.

1. I should always stay prepared for life's obstacles. Not paranoid that something will happen, but prepared for the practical. As well as spiritual. How? With Joy. How? In His presence. I think as worship leaders we're spoiled by "The Glory" so we think we can go without Him for a day or three. Nope. Some way, some how...get in the Glory. Maintain.

2. A hurdler always masters training in the off seasons, and more so after great victories. This is important in order to evaluate their blind spots and triggers. What they can do better. Being in this lifelong race...we should always think "training". And, how we know its time for a tweak...our mood, love tank, and responses are off.

God has been so good...I got relaxed!😂 I forgot to keep my muscles in shape even when I'm not in a personal life circumstance.

All in all, stay ready! Stay woke! Keep growing, and keep training...

May He bless your socks off! ❤, LaSundra