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Tomato Tree Daze

Credit Listings and Special thanks....

Voice selections by Joe Buccheri All music composed and performed by Dave Leoni except for Chapter Seven on Sounds of Summer performed by Stanley Whitaker and String Chat on Or So It Would Seem performed by Bobby Flurie

Recorded & mixed at Clear Water Studios / Dundalk, Maryland Produced by Dave Leoni and Joe Buccheri

Cover Art by Bobby Flurie

Percussionist on Tennis Shoes and Drama Queen - David Gaine

Thanks to Brenda Leoni and Lucy Buccheri for their patience and support, and to all those who offered their moral support to include Taylor Royal Casting, Dundalk Music, R. Lee Townsend, Ken Wolle , Linda Martin, Jeff Kabik , Ray Berkemeier , Dr. Michael Martin , Kit-Ten Chavis, and Antoinette Hanson, and to God for the talent gifted. Copyright 2011 Joe Buccheri & Dave Leoni All rights reserved

A portion of the proceeds from Tomato Tree Daze is donated to Johns Hopkins Hospital for Pediatric Cancer Research

Tomato Tree Daze

1) Gray Haired Old Man 2) Dream Maker Anna 3) Cycles of Observation 4) Or So It Would Seem 5) Crooked Letter 6) Drama Queen 7) Sounds of Summer 8) Weeping Willow 9) Sermon On Account 10) One Man Band 11) Tennis Shoes 12) The End