Jeff Norwood / Blog

February 2012

I had one rough year on the road last year. Nevertheless, it was great to meet and play for so many fans! Unfortunately this year, due to health issues and the ever rising costs of fuel, I am forced to severely cut back my performance schedule. It has always been tough to make ends meet. Especially when live performances are your bread and butter! This year is no different in that aspect. Nevertheless, I don't see talent buyers and venues handing out raises anytime soon. No wonder. The Crunch is on Them, too! Facing the gravity of the current situation, it seems to me that the only way I, or any of the other indie road warriors out there, can keep on keeping lies with you and you alone. And so ask you this: I need your support! When you can, purchase my music and merchandise online and be there at whatever shows I am able to make. Even if it's just a song download or stopping by the club for a drink, it all adds up! Unfortunately, I've only got one shot at this and it's a little too late for a Plan B at this stage of the game. As my past demonstrates, I certainly have no problems paying my dues. And then some. What I have found is that, like it or not, at some point you just don't have anything left to pay out. You don't realize it, but one day it just happens: You just can't roll like you[re 25 years old anymore. I sometimes used to wonder at what age did a stalwart old bluesman earn the right to sit down onstage. Now I know. It's when he can't stand up anymore and go on playing! I'm not quite ready to sit down...or quit performing. God only knows what else I'd do! Lend me a shoulder to lean on when you can. I sincerely thank you for your continued support. -Jeff Norwood February 2012