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I like watching the puddles gather rain

First a special thanks to all the support we have received from family, friends, and fans alike! We had a great turnout last week at Ibiza at Hotel Andaluz with the die-hards braving the elements. You guys are awesome!

Unfortunately our show got rained out last night at Marble Brewery, but a special thanks to OLD NORTH STATE for the invite and safe travels to them on the rest of their tour. They are playing in Taos tonight, indoors, so anyone in the area who wants a great show should definitely check them out - I'm sure they'll be looking to throw down tonight!

Even though the show was a bust, it was great to see everyone that came out to support us, and the long needed moisture was hesitantly welcomed. Who would have thought it would rain twice in one day! Look at us here in New Mexico, all grown up with our own monsoon season.

We look ahead to our show in Taos on Friday, August 2nd. Can't wait to see anyone who can make the trip. Have a great rest of the summer!!

IBIZA - Saturday June 29th 6pm-9pm

Come one - Come all! We have a great show planned and look forward to seeing everyone there! ***BONUS TRIVIA*** The first three people to come up to the band on the night of the show and answer the trivia question below will receive a free Sawmill Dandies poster or CD! *What were the "Band Names" of the original members of The Traveling Wilburys?*


All supporters of the Sawmill Dandies musical movement - we have been selected for consideration for the local stage at EdgeFest on May 5th here in Albuquerque. Please vote for us at the following link: http://www.1041theedge.com/pages/edgelocal13.html

Taking the show on the road - Sort of

We just booked a gig at The Adobe Bar at The Historic Taos Inn for Friday, August 2nd!! We are finally getting out of town to play, but not out of the state, so hopefully some of the Sawmill faithful will want to take a weekend away from home and enjoy some mountain tunes with us. We are super exicited to play in Taos - it will be a great show at a great venue!! More details to come on this and other upcoming shows we are finalizing for the spring, summer and fall!! Sawmill Dandies

We are blessed in 2013!!

First we want to send a huge thanks to all of our fans - new and old!! We love the support of the music community and love to give ours back. We have been introduced to so much new talent on Reverbnation it blows us away! All the support we have received is almost overwhelming at times and we appreciate all of it. The luck continues and we got a part as extras in the movie "Frank" being shot here in New Mexico. We are going to be an acoustic band playing in the background - and the bonus is we get to play one of our songs! It's snowing and about 20 degrees here - but that can't ruin this amazing opportunity. May everyone have an amazing 2013 - good luck with all ventures and projects! Sawmill Dandies

Vote for us!

All fans of the Sawmill Dandies musical movement - please vote for us to open on the local stage for the Jingle Ball this year:


Thanks to all!

Last Night

Drank wine in a shed.